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The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP TM) and may be further elaborated for the purposes of 3GPP. The present document has not been subject to any approval process by the 3GPP Organisational Partners and shall not be implemented. Retrieved from archive/33_series// zip 3rd Generation Partnership Project. (). Counteracting envisaged 3G.

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They use the quantum bits to transmit keys and sometimes combine classical cryptography to confirm the integrity of keys. The security protocol may be used to secure the data communication. In other words, all the advantages mentioned above are further enhanced and optimised when the solution is used in conjunction with an M2M-specific protocol. Alternatively, the service provider can request the user to enter their phone number, send an SMS one-time password to that phone number, and ask the user to read the SMS and enter the password.

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Spec Type Title Status Prime grp. This key is composed of a sequence of binary bytes in the Secret Key resource. Moreover, for the reasons mentioned above, the OMA Device Management and the standard document are incompatible, and a combination of the GBA Push for OMA Device Management with the standard document is not feasible, as it would result in the wrong device management protocol i.

US USB2 en Again, the management may be done without any human intervention e. Time depending shortest-path problems with applications to railway networks. For example, the application may use any suitable command, such as an AT command, in order to provide the first data object. GAA server, interfaces into a capacity-constrained M2M device appears to be very difficult.

Methods and Assessment in J. The bootstrapped secret may be provided via a bootstrap server. See in particular table 5. Information about the key management capabilities of the mobile terminal is transmitted to the second node. The module a may be a software module that runs on the processor as indicated in FIG. The method of claim 1further comprising, prior to said first node modifying said first key, said first node instructing said mobile terminal 3102 perform an intra-node relocation to said first node.


However, this is not true for M2M devices. The format is defined in Parameters Section D. A key-management scheme for distributed sensor networks.

US20130003967A1 – Enhanced Key Management For SRNS Relocation – Google Patents

Alternatively, rather any using AT commands, the DM client may use any other suitable commands. 3gop A will be described first, then case B. Simulation result shows the benefits of the proposed routing scheme in terms of increasing path 3102 transmission 3gp, reducing the number of path rediscovery, reducing control message overhead and increasing packet delivery ratio.

Moreover, the invention does not relate to the particular form of the key modifying function, and any suitable key modifying function may be used. In order to achieve ubiquitous streaming over the 3-tier network architecture, a proxy handoff mechanism is designed to make video playback smoother and reduce the user’s waiting time after the session handoff.

Through extensive simulations, our proposal significantly outperforms two recent solutions, i. Both the device and the server may be machines i. The clustering architecture partitions sensor readings into several clusters. Tripartite key Multicast authentication Neighbor watch system Quarantine. Distributed online localization in sensor networks using a moving target. Using an AT command may be particularly advantageous since the wireless communications module may already have functionality to support AT commands and therefore require minimal modification in order to implement the security module on the wireless communication module.

They can use it directly, or to derive their own session keys for further communication. The communication may be an SMS-based communication. For example, the security information may be written to a third location on the integrated circuit card and the verification data object may be written to a different, fourth location on the integrated circuit card.

The secure communication may further be a data communication.

3GPP Specification Search Engine for 2006-03 R1999/R4/R5/R6/R7

The M2M device of claim 11further comprising an application coupled to the security module, wherein the application is configured to provide an identifier of the NAF to the security module. Because of high mobility and frequent link disconnection, it becomes quite challenging to establish a path which is not easy to break early and keeps transmission time long. The GPI Response may also comprise an identifier, a P-TID push transaction identifierthat may be used to identify key material to be used to establish secure communication for example the Ks.


The authentication may implicitly result from the client, the server and the authentication component sharing the shared secret. Thus, the wireless communication module may be used to implement a GBA-push process.

The quantitative evaluation of muscular motion is an important index for rehabilitation biomechanics. Thus, it would provide a very high security solution for obtaining shared keys so that the security of the keys is not compromised, and at the same time an-SMS-based communication is enabled by virtue of the provisioning of the keys. If a feature of changing keys at relocation is introduced, we need to provide for.

The first data object is not limited to comprising only such material and may comprise one or more additional items. The M2M device of claim 33wherein the application is configured to obtain the security information from the third location using a command. ACM Computer Communication, 31 5: The defects in project are expected 3gpp be detected in early development phase thus the cost of software development can be reduced.

USA1 – Enhanced Key Management For SRNS Relocation – Google Patents

The Certificate mode requires an X. Over the Ua interface again: The bootstrapping protocol may be based on GBA. Alternatively, the NAF may transmit the request in step v before checking that the UE is registered for push services, and rely on the BSF to 333102 it if the UE is registered and authorised. Compromised nodes are problematic in wireless sensor networks.