AFH 32-1084 PDF

AIR FORCE HANDBOOK SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE. 1 SEPTEMBER Civil Engineering. FACILITY REQUIREMENTS. NOTICE: This. requirements are defined in ANGH , ANG Standard Facility AFMAN 32 to assign occupancy and to program new facilities. AFM 32 Facilities Requirements-Civil. Uploaded by AIR FORCE MANUAL 20 APRIL Civil Engineering FACILITY See AFH V7.

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A major assumption being made adh that the researeh driving this methodology is purely a Headquarters perspeetive. The Start page can be seen in Figure 5 below.

AFH 1 September 29 2.

The following sections prescribe technical criteria to serve as guidance in the afn and construction of high quality facilities that are durable, functional, economical, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and have reasonable operating and maintenance costs. A tool 32-1048 particular interest that was developed to support the implementation of the deployment process improvements is the Beddown Capability Assessment Tool BCAT.

Space Allowances for Banks Design of Paved Shoulders The facility is used to train crews of cargo aircraft C or C to conduct airlift operations in the type of airfield environment found at forward operating locations. Measurement of basic factors used to express the requirement, such as military strength, number of people in the using organization, number of aircraft or other units of equipment, is a key to determining good criteria. The San Antonio Air Logistics Center SA-ALCis designated as inventory manager responsible for equipment programming, procurement, and criteria used in programming and constructing support items.

Existin Infrastructure Input information pertaining to the location being analyzed.

Thanks to space utilization efforts, Environmental Management finally ‘home’

Cost information is expected to change from year to year. Distance Between Wings, Parked Aircraft6 m ft 6. Attachment 2 provides a listing of some, but not all, applicable environmental laws and considerations. Site location and master plan requirements.


Full text of “DTIC ADA Decision Analysis Method for Air Mobility Beddown Planning Scenarios”

If underground tanks are required to meet distance criteria, they will be double wall horizontal cylindrical type tanks of steel or fiber glass and be equipped with a leak monitoring and detection system. Siting criteria for arresting systems depend on the type of installation 3-21084 the arresting system. Facilities that are intended for barge receipts will include a product filtration system. This limits the durability of the tool developed.

The size of the MARS stations will vary with the type of mission, function, operation and equipment used. Pinal adjustments were made to include the addition of a generie widebody aircraft type, English and metric units, and the desired view of outputs. Construction Levels and Building Types. The minimum size of each room shall be 14 m2 sf. Compliance with environmental zfh and regulations.

Maintenance functions require protected parking for general purpose and specialized Government owned vehicles and a cable yard. The receiver building and transmitter building are located on separate sites and may be located on or off 32-10844. This afn accomplished by identifying the key factors to when conducting beddown planning, quantifying those factors, linking those factors together according to their relationships, and investigating the potential issues that could arise with implementation and how those issues might they be addressed.

Aircraft operations on the runway include landing, take off, low approach, high speed taxi or towing of aircraft.

AFMAN 32-1084 Facility Requirements Standards

Corrosion control keeps the effects of electrochemical or chemical attack on materials by the environment to a minimum. Category Group 51 — Medical Centers and Hospitals. The shoulders of runways, aprons, taxiways, and airfield pads are paved when it is necessary to protect the shoulder areas against jet blast, reduce maintenance of the unpaved shoulder area, support aircraft outrigger gear, or accommodate snow removal equipment, aircraft service vehicles and emergency vehicles.



Work space may be required along with storage space for paint, flammable materials and fuel tanks. Petroleum Operations Building Sizes The RAT is a TPFDD refinement tool featuring a time-phased look at requirements versus capabilities and sequencing of transportation enablers to mitigate shortfalls.

Thanks to space utilization efforts, Environmental Management finally ‘home’

AFH 1 September 47 3. Shoulders for Aprons for Bs. This sheet contains all direct mission support infrastructure that could be considered when planning a permanent aircraft beddown. Recognize that these and previous requirements determination recommendations are not all inclusive.

Other deflector types may be used. Light twin-engine piston and single-engine piston. A secondary runway is required when any of following situations exceed the parameters of Table 2. Category CodeSquadron Operations Each aircraft type has a specific squadron size that will be included as the standard and is also known as the primary assigned aircraft PAA ; however, there will be an option to go outside that standard.

They have begun to take deep long looks at how they do business and how they can codify corporate knowledge and process that are taken for granted on a daily basis.

Establishes the most accurate means of measurement and expresses the requirements to support the function; for example, area per person, per vehicle, per aircraft; one each per organizational unit; square meters per total factors. Cubicles in the new office space are 64 square feet with modular furniture including a roll away filing cabinet with a cushion on top to double as an extra seat.

Category CodeInstallation Chapel