Editorial Reviews. Review. The New York Times Arguably not since Nancy Friday has Afterburn: A Novel – Kindle edition by Zane. Download it once and read. Read Afterburn by Zane by Zane by Zane for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Blessings, Zane Solitaire: Afterburn 2. Zane Every man dies. Not every man really lives. -William Wallace From the Journal of Yardley Brown October

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Afterburn A Novel By Zane. Jun 07, Nayah James rated it it was amazing. I had a lot of farvorite scenes in this book. I truly enjoy reading Zane’s books.

Yardley has problems throughout the book with relationships also. I’m giving this one 4. It was a beautiful written Love Story. There are even xfterburn quotes that reflect that, like the one by Robert Frost: Rayne and Yardley are the two main characters we get to watch grow and get hurt through different relationships.

Having getting passed that, the story overall I thought was a really good one and I liked the ending. Scratch that, Lifetime film, HC likes to end everything happily. I was so devasted when Rayne died because I was super excited for her wedding but everything happens for a reason. The story afterburn is based on love,lies,deciet and sfterburn chances.


That was a terrible ending. She then goes on to explain how losing important people in her life affected her decision to kill off our heroine. When women have sex, it is because they are insecure and want a boyfriend. Visit her online at EroticaNoir. Oh, how I afterbirn that Rayne and I had been given that opportunity.


Detailed Review Summary of Afterburn by Zane

My parents drive down from Maryland to visit me on occasion. She looked drained; like the bath had done aftterburn no good. She stood up and I stared at her beautiful body; her perfectly round ass, her natural, succulent breasts, her long, wavy hair. Twenty minutes later, Rayne came back into the bedroom from the living room of her apartment. As if Zane wanted to “shock” us. But that still does not make survival any easier. In fact, she is so physically appealing t I ordered Afterburn, my first Zane novel around the age of sixteen, and I must admit it had me clutching at my proverbial pearls.

But a woman can be bisexual as long as it is for the male gaze. I will not give up on life, although that would be uncomplicated. We both already realized that we belonged together. After taking her face in both of my hands, I kissed her long afterrburn hard.

Photograph courtesy of the author. What took her so long to say yes and give in to lve? Yardley and Rayne had afterubrn hard time in finding love when they were young.

We only live once so we have to enjoy life as much as we can. Sections of this page. The text is simply written and pretty easy to follow. Visit her online at EroticaNoir. Nov 02, Nikki rated it liked it. Its entertaining and I know for a fact that you wouldnt want to put that book down untill you find out what happens next after next after next. I can’t help put feel an underlined layer of homopobia in these books or at least a mindset of seeing them as “the other.


It was like, deep down inside, she somehow discerned that she would never see me again. Rayne and Yardley ending up together was predictable but afterbyrn turn of events in the end made the beginning “fluff” worth the read. Dec 30, Adrienna rated it really liked it. So as the reader you experience the same story but from different narratives.

Questions i had for this story is ,why did Afterbudn let her moms life interrupt hers.?

We should get out. He thus makes it his mission to get this woman’s attention, and when he finally does they spark an exciting romantic relationship, which afterbrn overcomes all the odds.

When I woke up the next morning, Rayne was already dressed and scurrying around the bedroom gathering her things for work. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Since I am still alive, I can only believe that my mission on Earth has not been completed. I really enjoyed reading this book; cant believe I forgot to add this to my collection