ALESIS. A6 Andromeda (A6). Service Manual. P/N: C. The information in this document contains privileged and confidential information. It is intended. To update the operating system software of your Alesis A6 Andromeda, please follow these instructions. Updating the OS is a very simple and. View and Download Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 reference manual online. Voice Real Analog Synthesizer. ANDROMEDA A6 Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Program-Specific Functions There are numerous functions within the A6 that deal apesis with the creating or editing of Programs. Many of the synth’s more esoteric functions are not immediately accessible via the knobs, even though there are many of these – and will need to be accessed via the x pixel screen’s menus, which are connected to a “soft row” of 8 knobs assigned to the various deeper functions of the machine.

By its very name, it’s implied that these circuits “filter out” harmonics. Portamento time is adjusted in either seconds or seconds-per -octave depending on the selected portamento mode. If you want odd step values, use the increment and decrement buttons to adjust the length by one tick increments.

Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 Reference Manual

In addition, each of Andromeda’s VCOs produce sub-oscillation: This Chapter runs you through the most commonly used performance features of the unit, including a discussion of how the display works and how to select sounds. Midi Messages Chapter By global sync we mean that any A6 function that relies on tempo can get its timing from the Clock. These are the vibrating air waves our ears perceive as sound, and can be described by their “form” or the “shape” of the wave when manuxl by a graph.

Notice that Mix controls andrmoeda conspicuously absent from the A6’s front panel – you access these functions from the display. Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 67 Chapter 2: These pedals are often referred to as “rocker pedals”. This is accomplished by assigning the same keyboard range to both Mix Channels.


Modulation and Envelopes gets brighter as it gets louder. For example, if you play 1 note, all 16 voices will stack on it; if you play 4 notes, each note will be a stack of 4 voices. Important Safety Instructions N’utilisez qu’avec un stand, ou table concus pour l’utilisation d’audio professionnel ou instruments de musique.

Alesis Andromeda

There are actually two types of “foot-actuated controllers” in the context of an electronic instrument. The choice of “A6” as the model number was apparently a play on words; as the custom-designed chips used at the heart of the Andromeda were called ASICs Application-Specific Integrated Circuits.

This way, you will always know which page and which parameter on that page is active. In any case, the purpose and range of these wheels are programmable per Program, which makes andromwda incredibly flexible. We’ll simply use the term amplitude when referring to any kind of level. After you remove your A6, its AC power cord, the Warranty card and this manual, we suggest you keep all packing materials in a safe place. Ne pas enlever la prise de terre du cordon secteur.

To create a layer, we’ll “stack” one Mix Channel on top of another. The parameters for that wheel andromefa be displayed. Am Overview of the A6 Now that we’ve covered the bare-bones basics of analog synthesis, we can move on to see how all this theory applies to the A6. By contrast, a gate not only performs a “go” instruction but also carries with it a duration characteristic. You’ll need to enter this page whenever you want to create custom control setups that are different from the defaults.

Aperiodic waves, therefore, are especially useful when synthesizing wind, thunder, explosions or 82 Andromeda A6 Reference Manual Chapter 3: Using our original graph of a sine wave on page 82, the following illustration shows how this wave affects a sustained note.

You can think of the Ribbon Controller as a wheel that’s been stretched across the A6’s front panel.

The CHl’L parameter group contains 16 parameters, displayed eight at a time. This page of parameters allows you to set the source of the Arpeggiator’s tempo.


Page 64 Chapter 2: Real-world applications with numerous examples in connecting the A6 to other MIDI devices were covered anddromeda the previous Chapter. The extensive list of effects is programmable not only for each Program but for each Mix as well. This is where andromwda of the front panel controls come in.

About DETUNE As an example of how voices are staggered-tuned, we’ll use the extreme setting of 1 which gives the greatest width or amount of detune among the voices.

This means that the sequence can play notes above and below the root note of the sequence. Here’s a series of flowcharts illustrating this concept that we will build upon over the next few pages: Press soft button 6 to enter the PROG page: One of three exponential curves can be selected: This gives you the freedom to set up effects sets that work well for a single Programs, then create other effects sets that are appropriate for split or layered Mixes.

Alesis – Andromeda A6 – Owner’s Manual

Because the Andromeda is a true analog synthesizer, and analog circuitry is sensitive to temperature and other factors, each one of the sixteen voices and the oscillators and filters within each voice must be tuned before playing.

Andromeda A6 Reference Andromrda 81 Chapter 3: Pitch bend routes a wheel directly to the oscillators so as to allow you to manually vary their pitch.

Basics of Analog Synthesis Harmonics, like other periodic waves, have frequency and amplitude. How the A6’s clock is integrated with the Sequencer and Arpeggiator is covered in the following topics. When we cover envelopes in manjal next chapter, for example, amplitude control is one of an envelope’s main characteristics, but it doesn’t always mean volume.

Program mode and Mix mode.