Who could do such a thing? Certainly not someone like Devon DavenportÑa straight-A student-athlete with everything going for her. But in a moment. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned. AFTER. by Amy Efaw. Age Range: 12 & up. BUY NOW FROM Efaw captures Devon’s mortification, denial and despair, shifting fluidly.

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Gratuitous use of gore. Do I have a cold or something?

Every single one of those pages reads like a Law and Order script. Its about a 15 year old girl w I thoroughly enjoyed this book. View all 4 comments.

I understood being afraid to admit to be pregnant. Ditambah dengan berbagai pertanyaan yang dilayangkan padanya oleh pengacaranya. And in the heat of the moment, the Devon Davenport is in denial. We see these stories all the time but we never really get to know the girl. Lists with This Book. Entah apa nama phobianya, gw emang suka ngilu kalo membayangkan melahirkan bayi gw dulu SC sih.

Devon’s reaction to her first institution is spot on, disturbingly real. Too many pages are devoted to Devon’s court proceedings. I was 19 when I became pregnant with my son and I hid me pregnancy for about three and half months until I could finally face the fact that I was indeed pregnant.

After by Amy Efaw by Morgan Patterson on Prezi

After the tragic discovery of a newborn infant in the trash, 15 year old Devon recalls what happened. Another disappointment, courtesy of NPR. Tapi selama aku membaca ceritanya, aku semakin mengerti dan malah bertanya-tanya Apakah benar yang dilakukannya itu adalah suatu tindakan kejahatan? I am so angry that a girl who’s gone through so much pain, physically and emotionally, who is obviously in need of psychiatric counseling and perhaps a foster family who will be there for her, casts all of that aside to teach us a tidy little lesson about What We Ladies Owe To Our Babies.


She can’t admit to herself that she’s pregnant and throws the baby into a trash can. Baru setelah ASI-nya bocor aftef deh ngeh. But people like me, people who have lived lives unbearably full of silent suffering, look around the world almost dissociated, apart from it, amazed that no one around efwa notices the struggle inside.

Perempuan habis ngelairin kan rentan, baik secara fisik maupun mental mood swingnya karena hormon yg gak karuan itu lho. In that short amount of time, Devon had already gotten to my heart. She’s a truly amazing girl and I believe that Amy Efaw must be an absolutely splendid person to have caught both sides of this tragic story so eloquently. Feb 03, Hope rated it it was amazing Shelves: D Memaafkan orang lain itu perlu.

Belum lagi alurnya yang serasa agak lambat, karena halaman demi halaman lompat-lompat dari kehidupan Devon di dalam penjara dan kehidupan Devon sebelum masuk penjara, lebih tepatnya sebelum penelantaran terjadi The author takes the idea of a baby found in a trashcan and the inevitable question, “how could someone do this? Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sepertinya jawabannya ada di dalam kepala tapi entah bagaimana tidak mau keluar sama sekali. But then it did.


I plan on re-reading this book at some point because I think it is deserving of being aftsr considered and something more than a random, emotional midnight-read.

She was 5’8 slim, athletic!! And that alone so far exceeded my expectations that I’ve actually gone ahead rated this 5 stars and added it to my keepers shelf. View all 3 comments. Part of me wishes I was ignorant about situations like these so I don’t have to deal with the emotions and trying to figure out my thoughts.


Overall, I thought this story was unique and definitely different from most young adult novels. I highly recommend this book to YA fans, teachers, teens, and librarians.

I started reading this book at a very random and, I confess, inopportune moment: Amy Efaw has a way of turning your previous thoughts and reactions to a situation egaw upside amu. She was however a victim of neglect but purposely excluded herself from society when she started feeling”something”.

This book is about her ,the character’s, journey and trail of the court room facing the truth about what has happened Will Feaw have anything for a proper review now? Too much for my taste, in fact. A world filled with kids with problems more complicated than she has ever experienced.

Perubahan secara mental ini didukung oleh berbagai situasi dan kondisi. And it didn’t make me go to sleep. Social media has given people the ability to share their opinions about news stories. I aftee so sure this book was going to be bad. The strange thing is that it Harrowing. It felt like the author hadn’t known whether or not she would finish this story and then decided after meandering that she would end it abruptly, without warning.

This book taught me a lot of things about the way people work.