WHEN PREPARED. Prepare DA Form by the last day of each month to cover the following a. Nonunit Reserve training other than Army Extension Courses. ARMY RESERVE. RECORD OF INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE OF RESERVE DUTY TRAINING. For use of this form, see AR ; the proponent agency is . For use of this form see AR , the proponent agency is OCAR. 1. DATE DA FORM PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF THIS FORM ARE OBSOLETE.

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When is DA Form due? Each line is for a different date. You will want to divide the training into 10 different days. If you have read my previous posts, you know that you can get paid to complete SSD1 in the Army Reserves.

Get the 1380 form 2010-2018

Who needs a DA Form? This is the regulation that discusses retirement points. P1 is the accounting class for this kind of retirement point.

Keywords relevant to form Is DA Form accompanied by other forms? You can find DA Form at armypubs. It is used by military employees. If you do not know the date that your retirement year ends, you can look for it on the Army Reserve Portal.


vorm Enter the year, month, and day that your retirement year accounting ends. Where do I send DA Form? Related Content – fillable Otherwise, there is no need to submit any other forms.

Log in with your AKO username and password. Nonunit Reserve training other than Army Extension Courses b. That page should show your retirement year ending date. What is DA Form for? Related dda da fillable.

How to Fill Out DA Form | EZ Army Points

The Da form serves as a report about non-unit reserve training excluding Army Extension Coursesor appropriate duty performed by reservists assigned to USAR units. Get, Create, Make and Sign da pdf fillable. Description of form. You do not need to use the exact dates.

However, for the purposes of this form, you will only fill out a total of 40 hours. Comments and Help with pdf. For example, if you first signed a contract for the Army on May 1, ; your retirement year ends on April 30 every year. The cite authorization is AR Typically, your S1 would sign it when you turn it into them with your SSD1 certificate of completion. Prepare DA Form by the last day of each month to cover the following a.


The form is not long and doesn’t take much time for completion. Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form.

Download Army (DA) Forms | PDF | Word | XFDL |

Click on the link for your Retirement Point Detail. You aemy need to make sure that the dates you enter are not dates that you were at drill, AT, or any other paid status. How do I fill out the DA Form? Search for another form here.