The Dongtan Plan: Comissioned by SIIC, and designed by ARUP. – Planned for a massive shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. – Transportation. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. Arup, the British engineering consultancy firm, was contracted in by the developer, The Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC), to design . That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. They didn’t. Not when it.

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The delicate nature of the Dongtan wetlands adjacent to the site has been one of the driving factors of the city’s design. The width of roads, everything. The only vehicles allowed in the city will be powered by electricity or hydrogen.

It’s a bit like greening the planet. The Controlling authorities are now backtracking on these commitments and allowing private vehicles onto the site. The problems are more fundamental.

Sze is a native New Yorker, but her father hails from Chongming Island in the Yangtze delta, which used to be dismissed as a rural backwater offshore from Shanghai before it was set aside to create Dongtan, an eco-city for half a million people. Environmental reforms are stuttering under the pressure of a donggtan war but the government can get back on track, writes Ma Tianjie.

Ultimate eco-city

Archived from the original on 25 July That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. Still, the mere fact that this mythical eco-city on the outskirts of Shanghai in the city’s green belt is rumoured to exist has been enough to win Arup praise from numerous quarters including Ken Livingstone and John Prescott – again without any independent investigation or critique.


Sze also provides historical context for parts of Shanghai prior to the development push, reminding us that Chongming Island, now earmarked to double in population and serve as a major shipyard and manufacturing centre, was once known more for its brothels than the birds now found in its wetland. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Beijing will be crucial to steering an ambitious Paris-style agreement to restore global biodiversity. Dongtan is very significant for Shanghai and the nation. Email your examples to greenwash theguardian.

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But of the eco-city there is nothing except half a dozen wind turbines and an organic farm. There is a persistent rumour dnogtan the project has been a casualty of the political fallout from the conviction of the city boss Chen Liangyu, jailed last year for corruption. Sze calls for more effective strategies and interventions, but she leaves these details up to the technicians. Greenwash, in other words.

Greenwash: The dream of the first eco-city was built on a fiction

Dongtan proposes to have only green transport movements along its coastline. Our readers are valued by us and now, for the first time, we are asking for your support to vongtan maintain the rigorous, honest reporting and analysis on climate change that you value in a ‘post-truth’ era. Waste is considered to be a resource and most of the city’s waste will be recycled. Energy demand will be substantially lower than comparable conventional cities donggan to the high performance of buildings and a zero emission transport zone within the city.


His deputy, John Prescott, went there twice.

For the new town in South Korea, see Dongtan, Hwaseong. Now more than ever… chinadialogue is at the heart of the battle for truth on climate change and its challenges at this critical time. Dongtan was presented at the United Nations World Urban Forum by China as an example of an eco-city, and is the first of up to four such cities to be designed and built in China by Arup. Is it all over?

Order by newest oldest recommendations. The city would ban carsrecycle water and surround itself with organic farms, forests and golf courses.

Why eco-cities fail | China Dialogue

Abandoned gear is a huge threat to the environment but there are lots of ways to fix the problem. With the new bridge providing easy access to Shanghai’s Pudong business district, the island’s western end, where Dongtam was planned, will soon be taken over by aup, high-footprint apartments. Autocratic political structures may be able impose radical change but not sustain it indefinitely.

Non-academic readers may puzzle over her rather abstract terminology, which Sze tries to clarify: The project office is shut.