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Designation: D – 00 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D18 on Soil Last previous edition D – Dynamic Pile Testing. ASTM D Pile Driving Analyzer ®. Garland Likins, Pile Dynamics, Inc. PDCA Professor’s Institute. Garland Likins, Pile Dynamics. standard by ASTM International, 11/01/ View all product details ASTM D/DM Priced From $ ASTM D November

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Solanki, Associte Professor, and Y. The dynamic load pile test, which is a simple quality control test offering a considerable savings of time and cost and requires less space, can be used for predicting pile capacity and pile integrity under proper care and it should be calibrated by at least one static test.

A pile cap, as an extension to the shaft head with the same diameter as the shaftshould be constructed. These sensors are connected to an instrument such as a pile driving analyzerthat records, processes and displays data and results [2], [3], [4]. The cap must be cylindrical, smooth, well-reinforced and of good quality concrete. The initial part of the load-settlement curves Figure 6: The impact produces a compressive wave that travels down the shaft of the foundation.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. The two test results are consistent to a good extent. The electronic theodolite is placed 3 to 5m from the pile head.

The dynamic or total reaction, Rdy is calculated for each hammer blow and plotted versus cumulative penetration for the whole set of blows. This is very clear especially in the results of the pile of tower 1 project. Three projects are residential tower buildings representing a part of the residential tower buildings complex of Red Sea state.


The static plot is verified by modeling. Svinkin analyzed a distinctive case history presented by Briaud et al. The pile design for projects should be optimized by determining the actual ultimate pile capacity, which may need to conduct pile test to failure or near to failure. Skip to main content. A schematic sketch of SIMBAT equipment and instrumentation is presented in Figure 2whereas a photograph of a complete set of the equipment is shown in Figure 3.

Note High-strain dynamic testing requires a strain at impact which is representative of a force in the pile having the same d4945-00 of magnitude, or greater, than the ultimate capacity of the pile. Q The main difference between this system sstm other dynamic load test systems is the using of an electronic scanning theodolite that records penetration for each blow and records real time elastic displacement [9].

Four case studies conducted in Red Sea state were taken.

Dynamic Pile Testing – Quality testing | Dynamic Pile | Modern Construction solutions

In our opinion, it is wise that to determine the actual pile ultimate capacity for a project by testing at least one pile to failure.

It consists of estimating soil resistance and its distribution from force and velocity measurements obtained near the top of a foundation impacted by a hammer or drop weight. This shows a reasonable agreement between atsm two test results. This paper has been focused on this type of pile loading test.

It can be concluded that the dynamic load pile test can be used for predicting pile capacity and pile integrity under proper care and it should be calibrated by at least one static test. For a specific precautionary statement, see Note 5. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This is Portsudan city, which is located in western coast of the Red Sea in eastern Sudan [11]. Q Tower 7 A pair of strain transducers receives the signals necessary to compute force, while measurements from a pair of accelerometers are integrated to yield velocity.


Load-Settlement Curves for Tower No. This will enable an economical pile design and offer a considerable saving of cost for the project. Log In Sign Up. The measured force at the pile top is separated into components upward and downward.

A series of hammer blows are made with the hammer drop height progressively increased and decreased [8]. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard d9445-00 are not provided as part of the standard.


Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: There are two known methods, based on wave propagation theory, for the analysis and interpretation of the dynamic pile load test. Remember me on this computer. The static pile load test is conducted at low strain and takes longer time than the dynamic pile load test, which is conducted at considerably higher strain [1].

L Load KN 0 0 0. Active view current version of standard. The side of the cap is instrumented with two strain gauges, two accelerometers and electronic theodolite target.

Four case studies of dynamic and static pile loading tests conducted in the eastern of Sudan have been presented.