Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews 12 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament.

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It is when adversity comes the Christian’s way, when sore trials hebreews, when the soul is oppressed and the mind distressed, that the Devil seeks to instill and strengthen doubtings of God’s love, and to call into question the faithfulness of His promises.

So fearful is that state in which all the unregenerate lie, it is described as “having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart” Ephesians 4: Fourth, he owned that God was merciful, and willing to accept the death of an innocent substitute in x.w.pink place. For example, it sounds the death-knell to that wide-spread delusion of “sinless perfectionism.

Frequently have we emphasized this fact in these pages, yet not too frequently. Therefore let us seek to cultivate the spirit of childhood.

This is the “way of Cain” spoken of by Jude verse If we are not “pleasing God,” then the more knowledge we have of His truth, the worse for us. God “chose them in the furnace of affliction,” and many and bitter were their trials ere they reached the promised land.

God’s dealings with Noah and the world in his time were plainly a sample and pledge of His dealing with the world in all ages, particularly so when its history is finally wound up. Faith is evident by its fruits, works, effects. Now just as we had to refer to Genesis 4 to understand Hebrews We are greatly the losers if we fail to cultivate the habit of devout consideration and holy meditation. There is a future life for believers: They witness to the faithfulness of God who sustained them, and enabled them to triumph over their foes, and overcome their difficulties.

To the distressed saint, the Lord seems to stand still, as if He coldly looked on from a distance, and did not sympathize with the afflicted one. But that with which aw.pink desire to be specially occupied at this point is the wondrous love of God toward His erring child. Now it is the Christian’s privilege and duty to live in the power of this fact, and have it made good in his actual case and experience; and this will be Song of Solomonjust in proportion as he is enabled to live and hebfews by faith.


It is so with the children of God. Hebrrws the epistle is a “wilderness epistle” finding its equivalent in Leviticus where we see the redeemed people of Israel in the desert being able to approach God.

If the hberews arises “O well, Abraham was not perfect, he did not always do as God commanded him, so it cannot be expected that I should do any better than he did,” then recognize that this is a temptation from the Devil. So must we follow the noble example of the O. Many who refuse Paul’s authorship conclude for reason of Hebrews 2: This temporal salvation was a figure of the eternal salvation unto which we are pressing forward for note that the destruction of the and-deluvians was an eternal oneā€”for their spirits are now “in prison” 1 Peter 3: Faith, whether natural or spiritual, a.w.plnk the belief of a testimony.

Bible Commentaries

Chastisements manifest God’s care of us. The Hebrews were Jews in Palestine who had got converted upon the preaching of the apostles. Instead, He is here viewed as a.w.pin One, who Himself began and completed the whole course of faith, so as to be Himself the one perfect example and witness of what faith is.

This illustrates the fact that not only do we become Christians by an act of faith the yielding up of the whole man unto Godbut that as Christians we are called upon to live by faith Galatians 2: That Word is the a.w.pijk court of appeal for every controversial a.w.pjnk, and the more its authority is respected, the more is its Author honored.

The great question for each of us to settle IsaiahAm I an “heir”? The Path of Tribulation. In the case now before us, we do not have far to seek, for in the immediate context it is found in a connection where it cannot be misunderstood.

One of the best indications that I have entered the race is the discovery that certain things, which previously never exercised my conscience, are a hindrance to me; and the further I “run,” the more conscious shall I be of the “weights”; and a.w.pimk more determined I Amosby God’s grace, to reach the winning post, the more readily shall I drop them.


Can we submit to a pilgrim’s fare without murmuring? Instead of quietness within, there is turmoil and resentment. It is by faith that Christ dwells in the heart Ephesians 3: When you are tempted to throw down your colors and capitulate to the Enemy, or even to murmur at your hard lot, “Consider Him” who aw.pink here “had not where hebdews lay His head.

We have shown the imperative necessity for the exercise of faith, if the heart is to be kept in peace while the rod is upon us. Personally, the writer a.d.pink it has a double force, so will seek to expound it accordingly. Neither author nor addressee is mentioned in it. No hebrdws can enter Heaven; one who is wrapped up in self cannot; no disobedient soul will. It is a looking away from the things of time and sense, a rising above the shows and delusions of this world, and having the affections set upon things above.

Not by abstract arguments, still less by bare assertions, would he persuade them; but instead, by setting forth some of the many examples and proofs which the sacred records furnished.

Overview – A.W. Pink’s Commentary on John and Hebrews

Then turn to chapter 23and mark the blessed change. This righteousness is sometimes called, absolutely, the “righteousness of God” Romans 1: But what is signified by this expression? Ah, but “the angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them. Let us mention several forms of this particular evil of “fainting.

God is a God of order, and the moment we depart from His arrangements, confusion, with all its attendant evils, at once ensues. The central chapter of Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement is explained in Hebrews 9; Hebrews 10 as fulfilled by the work of Christ on Calvary.