Bihar al-Anwar has volumes. Majlisi compiled it to gather all the ahadith he could access. His primary goal was to preserve the available knowledge for. Weight, kg. Dimensions, x x cm. Book Author. الشيخ محمد باقر المجلسي. Publisher. دار إحياء التراث العربي. Year Published. Edition. Arabic: Al-Kafi + Grading of Majlisi Bihar al-Anwar by Allamah Majlisi Kamal al-Deen wa Tamam al-Ni’mah by Sheikh Sadooq. Arabic. Online: Vol 1, Vol 2.

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Zindigi nama-yi ‘Allami Majlisi.


Uyun al Akhbar ar Reda. Shama’il Muhammadiyah Shamaail Tirmidhi.

Volumes to Kitab fi l-ijazatabout permissions and the list of contents for al-Shaykh Muntajab al-Din al-Razia selection of al-Sayyid ‘Ali Khan al-Madani arbic Salafat al-‘asrbeginning parts of al-Sayyid b. Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources Articles containing Arabic-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from September All stub articles.

The method of killing the animals, edibles and beverages and the whole books of Tibb al-Nabi s and Tibb al-Rida ain chapters. Ayatullah Zanjani mentions details about it in his book which I referred to in my previous post under the chapter of Ayatullah Borojerdi as well. Register a new account.

Imam Khomeini wrote, ” Bihar al-anwar is the work of the great scholar of hadith, Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi which contains nearly books and treatises; Bihar al-anwar is itself a library and its author wrote it when he saw that many hadiths books are about to be lost and wasted due to their small size and being less accessed.

Volumes 94 to 96 Kitab fi l-zakat wa l-sadaqa wa l-khums wa l-sawm about recommended practices of the year in chapters. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. In every volume, the author has collected related subtopics in different chapters.


The most important and famous book written about Bihar al-anwar is Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi ‘s Safinat al-bihar. Jabra’il al-Qummi ‘s treatise of Izahat al-‘illa. Hadiths from most of the Infallibles a regarding various issues. It is a hadith collectionthe second source of inspiration in Shia Islam. I read it in a book where Ayatullah Shubeyri Zanjani is discussing this, which I don’t have on me at the moment.

Imam al-Rida aImam al-Taqi aImam al-Hadi a and Imam al-‘Askariand the biographies of some of their znwar, in 39 chapters. Those 3 volumes are not easily available in Iran. Majlisi compiled it to gather all the ahadith anwqr could access. It’s due to these volumes being about the first 3 caliphs and some other Sahaba and wives of the prophet. Jami Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. Tehran, Maktabat al-Sadr, Sh. The rest of selections from text and writing the final draft was done by Allama himself.

The full name of the arqbic Bihar al-Anwar in itself suggests that Majlisi did not collect anything he had access to in this book. Hadiths from Infallibles a. The collection is the most comprehensive as a single collection among all Islamic ahadith collections [ citation needed ]. They’re available online though. ansar

Bihar al-Anwar (110 Vols) – بحار الأنوار

Collection of hadiths in the Four Books with eliminating repeated hadiths and explaining some hadiths. Views Read Edit View history. Majlisi has acknowledged this issue in the preface of Bihar al-Anwar, emphasizing that the traditions collected were not included biyarul being subjected to scrutiny, a task in itself that was a major undertaking.

Is it true that these three particular volumes of Bihar are banned in Iran?


Bihar al-Anwar ( Vols) – بحار الأنوار – Arabic Books London

As an encyclopedia of the legacy of the Ahl al-Bayt aBihar al-anwar has always had a great and important position in the scientific tradition of Shi’a. Already have an account? How did the rijal scholars know if person x is reliable?

Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. Also, the whole of Tafsir al-Nu’maniin chapters. Mawla Nur al-Din Muhammad b.

Bihar al-anwar (book) – WikiShia

I would be very excited if these books are translated into english. Volumes 15 to 22 Kitab fi ahwal nabiyyina al-akram a wa ahwal jumlat min andarcontaining the biography of the Holy Prophet s and some of his forefathers, explaining the truth of miracles and the miracle of the Qur’anbiographies of Abu DharrSalman’AmmarMiqdad and some other great companionsin 72 chapters.

Al-Majlisi has tried to cover all common topics and issues in Bihar al-anwar ; for example, this collection begins with the book of “al-‘Aql wa l-jahl” wisdom and ignorance and continues with topics about theologyOneness of God tawhiddivine justice and the history of the prophets.

He also said that, “No book like this has ever been written and no one has superseded me in this and I hope this book will be the reference of scholars and seekers of knowledge for all those bigarul seek the knowledge of Imams a until the rise of the Upriser a of the Ahl al-Bayt a. Rizvi has translated the volume 13 of Bihar al-anwar titled as the Promised Mahdi. But then comes the question.