The easy introduction to a balanced diet. The practical box contains juices, herbal tea and healthy recipes. Art-Nr approx. 4 – 6 days 5 item(s) ready for. Your guide to the Biotta Wellness Week. Views. 6 years ago. Biotta, · Wellness Employees take steps for better health during Wellness Week. Biotta Juice Featured: Tart Cherry Juice INGREDIENTS 1 cup plain Greek In a food processor, grind the cherries and Biotta Cherry Juice until fairly smooth.

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I think this programme could be great for people who tend to pile up kilos easily and struggle to lose weight, because undertaking 5 full days of fasting allows the body to enter the ketosis phase and start burning the fat mass reserves.

Over the years, the range of Biotta juices on offer grew continuously, and we ventured into fruit juices, followed by mixed juices, even using very special ingredients such as aronia or black carrots.

My Wellness Week — my me time Been planning to change your diet for some time? Thank you for reporting translation errors to translations digitecgalaxus.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact the Customer service. I never thought steamed carrots and boiled potatoes could have such a good taste!

Take care and talk to you soon, Eleonora References yoga-ayurveda-nalanda.

Review: Biotta Wellness Week

Perform a fast of one week makes it possible to reach the ketonic phase. Every day, we work hard in our production plant to supply you with only the very best, natural Biotta juices, and to surprise you with new products. In addition, various Biotta juices and our specially developed organic herbal fruit tea round off the Balance Week.


D1 D7 D9 D22 Weight kg Notify me when available. It could thus help to potentiate the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate diet. No matter what has motivated you to embark on a juice week, our Wellness Week package will provide you with everything you need in one handy box. It has a strong earthy smell because of the raw beet it contains, and I must admit that it is not among my favorite vegetables, although I force myself to eat it regularly because it has extraordinary liver support properties.

What’s your question to the Community? Show all customer biott Rate this product. Easy way to detox – products taste good Has this review been helpful?

If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram, you know that I injured my right wrist at the beginning of the year. Return policy Warranty at Galaxus.

Review: Biotta Wellness Week – Under My Apple Tree

As I wanted to avoid a loss of muscular mass, Wovhe took 4. Delivery on Thursday, 03 January: Developed in collaboration with nutritionists Enough juice for a week High-quality, organic fruit and vegetable juices Certified organic Vegetarian Gluten-free Fish-free Soy free Share: In developing the range of PUR juices, our primary aim was to enable Biotta drinkers to mix quality Biotta ingredients as desired and to their own taste.

Protein phase — Days 1 to 3. In order to save body protein, the body uses energy stored in the form of fat to function.

Day 6 Breakfast Biotta organic herbal tea ml Biotta Prunes 2 tsp flax seeds Lunch ml Biotta Vita 7 ml Biotta Wellness Afternoon tea wwoche Biotta Wellness Dinner ml Vita 7 ml Biotta Wellness 2 tsp flax seeds ml Biotta Tomato Observations I did not sleep well, I woke up in the middle of the blotta with a strong urge to urinate, all for 3 drops… Given the time it happened, this is probably due to the fact my liver is working hard to detoxify my body.


The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. Order before Thursday at What could be better than a delectable organic smoothie?

Juice week

Previous Post White chocolate cheesecake, strawberry sauce. Tomato juice disguised as a soup. Supplied by i Third-party offer This product is delivered by a third party supplier. Which is your favourite Biotta juice?

On the measurements side: The specifications may also include unverified machine translations. Review written by Sara on Verified Reviews Rated with 5 out of 5 stars.

Biotta Wellness Woche – Dieting + Detox – Galaxus

I warmed up the tomato juice after infusing it with shallots, which I then removed, and added a lot of paprika. Returns and warranty No warranty.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Flaxseed [1] from certified organic cultivation.

Order before Wednesday at The guide recommends eating the potatoes with skimmed quark, but I did not do it as I do not eat dairy. Want to detoxify your body? Gluten-free, Egg-free, Fish-free, Soy free Pharmaceutical form: The 11 natural fruit juices and vegetable juices help relieve the body from stress.