Lesson One: An Introduction to Blissymbols. Douglas Crockford cс Blissym Language Institute It is easier to learn to read and write in. Blissymbolics Communication International (BCI) is a non-profit, charitable organization that has the perpetual, worldwide, exclusive license for the use and . An excellent Blissymbolics Dictionary! An excellent Blissymbolics Dictionary! Bliss Dictionary Online. English (US); Español · Français (France) .

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However, be aware that when exporting files from WinBliss in WMF format, the dictioonary is depending on the current screen resolution settings of the computer.

Work is continuously going on to check and improve this resource towards full completeness and perfection. The above change in the gloss of the previous Bliss-words for weekdays is an effect of the new weekday Bliss-words added in Pittsburgh, allowing three alternative naming schemes according to local culture, but all related via a second number index to the common ISO weekday numbering convention with Monday as day 1 of the week. A small number of additional duplicate symbols have been found and removed, and some gloss have been renamed.

So the recommendation is to use Excel if you have access to it. They are as follows: Since the previous partial update the following problems have been discovered and corrected Thanks to Seppo Virta!

Duplicate found in Standard and Furuboda lists: Any comments helping in this work are welcome. This is a recommended platform for added new language translations — until we possibly have better tools via BlissOnline etc.

The main thing is that the Stockholm panel vocabulary of new Bliss words has now been added provided separately and included in the main WinBliss files, file exports and spreadsheet documentation.

Blissymbolics Dictionary – Unofficial Symbols

Also, in all the three spreadsheet files above, the format of the Russian gloss has been updated in accordance with the other translations, and one missing Swedish translation has been added. This update October-November see update history below will however be the last one on behalf of BCI due to reasons possibly explained elsewhere There are no additions to the Blissymbol vocabulary in this update.


Thanks to Sophia Kalman for giving us the tip!! BCI provides leadership in the development of the system of Blissymbolics. Symbol correction in bow,arc Britt Amberntson just found a vertical position error making it a duplicate of mind,intellect,reason — the arc shall be positioned on the base line in bow,arc — now fixed in Antwerp and BCI-AV lists.

Blissymbolics Dictionary – Feeling

As you can see, this work has moved substantially slower than I hoped in September. Export libraries — in 4 different image file formats SVG, PNG, BMP and WMF in 9 different sizes mostly PNG libs with transparent backgrounds, dictionarry from the hight originals and spreadsheet Excel files with and without the symbols included together with the English gloss and other existing and pending translations.

The major update of – This is a last revision of the lists after the gloss updates, and after going through the open issues with Britt Amberntson. They seem to have been introduced last summer when Polish, Spanish and Finnish translations were added to the spreadsheets. Yet another update of the Norwegian translation – complete until previous release Thanks to Torhild Kausrud and Laila Blissymbolicz The other are English gloss words updates-additions. You can then download all images at once in a zip file.

A new spreadsheet file MS Excel format for vocabulary translation maintenance has been added, currently containing the English WinBliss gloss that is generating the symbol file names, plus parts of the Swedish, Norwegian and Russian translations. This is a maintenance update with the following significant gloss translation amendments: Note that the separate file export libs are still not updated.

The affected entries are: There have been errors in the numbering in the range from — The new versions are: Enter to add, Esc to cancel and Backspace to erase.

If you are a WinBliss user, please be aware of this, if you need to export blissymbols in the WMF file format. Older versions of Windows may require 7-Zip free to extract the files properly. Thanks to Shirley McNaughton for spotting this! Follow this link for latest tracked changes summary! Temporary draft and partial translations derived from semi-automatic data mapping form other translations by Sandra Derbring and Mats L under development added for German, Portuguese, Italian and Danish.


Please contact me if you have ambitions or questions regarding this! Notes from the work with the Bliss-word derivations as included in the previous and following files updated These old versions will probably be gradually removed from active vocabularies and maintained for historic reference only.

The modern wide-screen formats and settings of displays seem to result in distorted proportions. Another small update — Thanks to Annemie Van Roy and friends in Belgium!

Completed and updated Swedish translation — thanks to BDS for help! Add search hits to list Remove marked Empty the list Show list. Added export libraries — now PNG libs with transparent backgroundsincluding 3 additional sizes re-scaled from the hight originals Glossupdate: Edit symbol Click and drag to move a bliss form Drop a bliss form outside of the canvas to remove it Bliss form palette Browse the palette by clicking a main image. All changes effect the complete WinBliss file and the complete file libraries.

All these contain a full empty horizontal empty space which can look very confusing in a Bliss text. Thanks to Fredd Rae at Widgit, the following gloss typos for other languages than English and Swedish, and related to parentheses have been detected and corrected, together with one update of English gloss and filename, together with Swedish gloss: This is a release with added complete gloss language translations for German and Afrikaans, and a complementary update of the Latvian translation.