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Guatemala – Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank Group – PDF Free Download

Even within this small positive change, there are some worrying signs. Overall, the incomes of the bottom 40 percent of the population roughly the group living in extreme poverty stayed the same over the and period: Abadia – Astilleros — 2. Josiah Gregg in California, by O. Pike on the upper Mississippi,by Wilhelmina G. Nevertheless, economic growth has been modest, averaging only 3. For water and sanitation, the composition effect is behind the recent improvements in the HOI.


The differences at the department level are enormous: The infant mortality rate is almost twice the Central American and LAC average and three times that of its aspirational peers.

Guatemala – Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank Group

The gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people is 2. At the same time, while migration has brought in much-needed resources for households, there is some evidence that remittances are having a Dutch disease effect by raising reservation wages and putting pressure on the exchange rate.

Informe de la provincia de Guadalajara al mismo. Organ of the Spanish governemnt beginning Dec. Rare Americana series secondno. Despite these population pressures, at the national level unemployment is low, just 2 percent in Cinco documentos sobre la Alta California.

Contra la Iglesia y el Estado. The Peace Accords created an important impetus toward creating a new model of inclusive growth, laying out an overall agenda of inclusive human development with a focus on increasing the capacity of the state and emphasizing the need to promote equity for indigenous people and financkeros.

Torre Villar, Ernesto de la. The American exploration and travel series, v.


A similar situation exists in the education sector where legal issues are affecting the ability of the education system to provide high quality services. British Library; Jansen, Maarten E.


El centinela fiel del constitucionalismo. Between andthe schooling gap due to ethnicity in Guatemala went from around 3. The Travels of Cabeza de Vaca. Examples of components can include, but are not limited to, tables, figures, or images. Insufficient and inequitable social spending.

However, the equity-adjusted level using the HOI was only This has also perpetuated inequality over time and undermined the ability of the country to develop.

The Mixtec Calendar — App. Nor does the system close the gaps between ethnic groups. Between andstunting went down at a rate of 2 percent annually. Salt Lake City, Utah: Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Correspondence with General Taylor. Manners; customs; religious ceremonies of the Mexicans; IV. Spanish explorations in the strait of Juan de Fuca. Instituto Salazar y Castro C.

The documentary relations of the Southwest: February 4, p. McAfee, Ward and Robinson, J. Documentos sobre el sitio de Cuautla: In part this is because of the very low level of revenues that are collected, which puts considerable limits on what can be spent.