BO XI R1; BO XI R2; BO XI R3; BO XI R; BO XI R Later in the year , BO XI was introduced. SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture −. Question2: What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x? Question3: How do Explain The Architecture Of Web Intelligence Tool? Answer . BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier’s). We have five tiers in BOXI if you have any PPT or document on BOXI R3 architecture, pl send me to my mail.

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Limit the size of WebI document of network and hence provides performance optimization.

Input Controls Question Input controls are associated with report elements like tables and section headers and use control to apply filter on report elements. Using a Relational connection arcchitecture in Universe Designer. They are used in Query panel Question This is very much informative.

While creating queries on Universe you can find the information on objects that you have to use in query.

Classes are used to group similar objects in a report. To schedule WEBI reports. Created by Sravan Sabbinenilast modified on Jan 27, A class can contain one or more subclasses. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? Do you want to upgrade your skills? It architecure responsible for processing requests from your browser. Being an Area Sales Manager for NY, you want to see margin values for your region and Sales universe arcbitecture data from all the regions in United State.


Respect the following rules Object names can differ.

Business Objectives Interview Questions. Hi Mareswar, can you send me document that has more information on the architecture with figures gowda.

SAP Business Objects Differences between BO and BI

It maintains all of the security information, sends requests to the appropriate servers, manages audit information, and stores report instances 4. Its details every component within the Tiers and how they work.

Query filters are applied in Query Panel and they are used to limit the number of rows from data sources and to return the same in document. Processing tier Hoxi processing tier accesses the data and generates the reports. Can you send me the ppt at charmingrama yahoo. Through it rights can be set on objects and documents. How to design your resume? Below are the key features used in Query filter: It monitors the directory that we specify when setting up a file based event.

The Processing Tier 5.

What is the differece b/w BOXI R3 and BOXIR4

This is a Business objects Mashup will have all the article on Business objects. Aggregate awareness function is used in scenarios where we have same fact tables in different grains. Context defines a particular join path between tables or a specific group of joins for a particular query.


Subqueries provides you a more flexible option to filter the data as compared to an ordinary query filter.

In Associate dimension, select the unique object from the same query. Business Objects Enterprise supports a wide range of corporate databases. You may archtiecture be able to use few of the objects cos of permission. Thanks in advance Welcome your Blogs.

The Data tier is made up of the databases that contain the data used in the reports. If you want you can show specific low or high values with some specific colors. architecturre

Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 3 Interview Questions & Answers

Candidates who want to grab the opportunity can look out the given below sample business objective web intelligence XI 3 interview questions and answers and update your skills. Using a Relational connection created in Universe Designer Question Design mode with Data Question To override a report filter or a architecturf Question Hello Mares, Please send bodi the ppt and any more documents to the email – jana.

These servers run as services based on windows.