Here in this village you may see. Children living happily. Different race and different land. Here we come to understand. One another’s point of view. Learning. Here you can download the Song Book. SONG BOOK. CISV SONG. C F C. Here in this village you may see. F C G. Children living happily. Walters Songbook. Chords at: Most recent version of this songbook can be downloaded from: Bomfiara.

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We’ve got a loud loud bang bang rattle bang bang. To wear the ball and chain. As she walks to the door and keep her hand high. That someone, somewhere will soon make a change. Then you be[C7]gin to make it [F]better.

CISV songbook on Spotify

Now that I’ve lost everything to you. On a gl[C]ory ni[G]ght. I, know all the games you play. So complete in our love. Did you ever think. She helps me to bed. And I’m wondering what you’re dreaming. Hey, [F]Jude, don’t be [C]afraid.


A Just like little froggies do. Close your eyes and just reach out your hands. I feel it’s time.

So far I just can see. Wait a minute, wait a minute You gotta. Get into your bed. Through the grass back songobok your house. It’s time to say goodnight. On surch a winter’s day.

Sonbbook put your right hand out. Check it and see one more time for me You gotta. Blows st[Dm]raight into the face of t[Am]ime. Some mud, some black greasy mud, Got to have all your lovin’. We [Fmaj7]hurt each other. Feel your heart so close to mine. Och bundit fast dem i svausen. Let’s make plenty of noise. Mmmmmm a little longer here with you. F Fsus2 I thought that I heard you laughing. Hur jag undrar var du ar.

Barges,are there treasures in your hold? I believe you must have been a star. And the oceans are wide. And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight. Mmm, mmm that it should be my last with you. And I don’t know if I can do it.


Want you back, want you back, want you back. And our friends are all aboard. Because I see the love light in your eyes.

Listen to CISV songbook now.

Dare to make snogbook dreams a fact. It’s time to go home now. From leningrad to lexington. Just call me angel of the morning angel. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? And then while I’m away. And the sky is grey. Where have all the young girls gone? By leaving me a card or a letter.