please we need a comet , with a bore of 3/4some team that want to sell the cvt please contact methanks. Hi, I am a team member of ‘Team IIT Delhi Mini Baja. I want to know the reduction of Comet at RPM, which should not be If you got your comet clutches from Roy at QDS, they are tuned for the 10HP Briggs engine. If you couldn’t get it into the overdrive ratios you.

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Comet Clutch

The only note that I would make is that our car was somewhat of a porker. Introduction Go kart torque converters are cvt transmission systems for go karts, minibikes,small vehicles ,jr, drafster, golf karts,odyssey,snowmobiles,atvs,lawn equipment,industrial,winch and more This is the model currently offered to students Info is in the form available below:.

We have 3 pressure springs and 1 set of weights which we got from CVTech. Yes, it will effect the idle behavior, but we found it very difficult to get anywhere near the full shift out running it per the manufacturer’s spec.

Polaris has recommended weights and spring is it not just plug and play? So don’t hesitate, just have a try! I hope that answers your questions, if not please let me know, trying to help out teams is what veteran members like me can do to give back to the community.

For the mm example, I would saw you want to be in the mm range. If your CC distance is short. One solution is to shift the below the engagement speed of the CVT that is when the belt is not transmitting torque.


Also, when the primary is fully shifted in, you will not be shifted fully out on your secondary, taking away from your High Ratio. I have read the clutch tuning handbook plus the discussions in forums related to the CVT.

Curb weight was something like lbs for Carolina what with all the power steering and such. Looking at the results from in Carolina accel event 1 Universidade de Sao Paulo 4. A CVT is most efficient when its ratio is approximately 1 to 1.

Correct Engagement Speed of Comet CVT

If the centrifugal clutch is broken or malfunctioned, you should change it with a new one without any delays. This page was last updated: Rest assured that over the 79 week we’ll be making changes to the site to return some of the previous custom functionality from the prior version as not everything in the prior version was stock, we had some aftermarket parts on the site after all!

My original point was: Comet FNR gearbox value?? But choice for CVT is becoming a problem. It works on engines up to 11 horsepower. Now my question is: I probably didn’t express myself clearly and obviously I did not know your team situation.

comet 790 bore 3/4

There are like 4 driver and 4 driven pulleys. As Erik and Akron said, a light lbs car with small tires would work with that transaxle and cvtech. Like I said, I just thought it was a Gaged.

Since a briggs and stratonn cvy hp engine is being used i need to find a compatible CVT. Great replacement for Go Karts. Me and my current teammates do not know the model and the specifications of the CVT like centre to centre distance, low and high ratio.


comet bore 3/4 – Official Baja SAE Forums

Univ of Wisconsin – Madison. The heavier the main pulley weights are the lower your engagement rpm will be because there will be a higher centrifugal force to push in the pulley at an earlier rpm. Also shop in Also shop in.

Univ of Maryland – Baltimore County. Clutch assembles on the engine crankshaft and must not move. But the problem is choice. The site was recently updated from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4 software. 7990 Description Go kart torque converters are CVT transmission systems for go karts, minibikes, small vehicles, jr, drafster, golf karts, odyssey, snowmobiles, ATVs,lawn equipment, industrial, wi A practical 20 Series torque converter driver clutch. Univ of Maryland – College Park.

Ok so see the post and if you have questions please let me know, I still find it pretty cool Anyways though I would like to take it step further, In the Aaens hand book xomet author discourages the cvtt of an overdrive saying that they are not good for CVT’s. To adjust this rpm, you need to modify the CVT weights. There are many and they will provide you with some good places to start.

There is a calculation theoretically to find your engagement speed, but its not accurate.