Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, [], full text etext at This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of ‘cosmic consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind has In this book, Richard Bucke described the common mystical experiences in a.

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However, it is only for a certain few; Writen by man and centered on men throughout history. Lists with This Book. Bucke later testified that he was “lifted to and set upon a higher plane of existence” because of his friendship with Whitman. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of ‘cosmic consciousness. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Is the atman asleep? Interesting, liked it then? I own this book and it is a cherished part of my collection. Balzac’s evident intention, and why veiled. This is one of the most important books in my library.

Why we obey it. What caused Buddha the greatest anxiety? The finding aid can be found here https: Alan Watts, for example, was an advocate of this book.

Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke

In the winter of —58, he was nearly frozen to death in the mountains of California, where he was the sole survivor of a silver-mining party. Not all the spiritual experiences appealed to me, but I particularly unapologetically liked the one of Whitman.

The signal change in his life after illumination. Can’t find a New Thought Center near you? We got our domain at DivineDomains.


The idea that humanity is developing from a baby to an adult as a person does is very fascinating to me. He spent the rest of his life, he was in his mid-thirties at the time, trying to figure out what had happened to him, and if there were any others. Rather, Bucke is outlining the psychogenesis of ridhard where, in time, this cosmic capacity will form a new race of people that will “possess the earth.

In Part III, Bucke hypothesizes rifhard the next stage of human development, which he calls “cosmic consciousness,” is slowly beginning to appear and will eventually spread throughout all of humanity.

What “union with God” really means. Richzrd was deeply mourned by a large circle of friends, who loved him for his sturdy honesty, his warm heart, his intellectual force, but most of all for his noble qualities as a man. The superlative faculty of spiritual sight as depicted by artists, painters and sculptors. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Although he practiced general medicine briefly as a ship’s surgeon in order to pay for his sea travelhe later specialized in psychiatry.

I believe it is the only book the author wrote in his entire lifetime, cnsciousness have a feeling he spent a great deal of time on it. Looked into going to Australia for a work study thing to help build an ashram, LOL. This book was written in the begginning of the 20th century so I believe it needs updating. Feb 01, Nikki Grace rated it it was amazing. More than a few others have claimed cosmic visions but were dismissed as nutcases, so why one and not another? An adventurer during his youth, Bucke later studied medicine.

His repeated allusion to “the light within. Bucke’s thesis is that life has moved from simple animal consciousness to self-consciousness human reflectiveand is now moving toward cosmic consciousness.


A classic book, original C Many spiritual experiences which average 4 stars; cozmic Doctor Bucke adds his Buddhist evaluations which I disagree with mostly, so 1 star. It has circulated among a small group of mystics and religious seekers ever since. Bucke enrolled in McGill University ricbard medical school in Montrealwhere he delivered a distinguished thesis in Unconscious instruments of the Cosmic law.

Book page numbers, along with the number to the left of the. What he says of this.

Wordsworth, the poet of Nature. This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. His belief in a spiritual life. The simplicity of Buddha’s commandments in the light of Cosmic Consciousness. To insure your easy accessiblity to the library system, there are mirrors circling the planet mirrors: The famous “Song of Solomon” and the different interpretations; a new version.

This work is the magnum opus of Bucke’s career, a project that he researched and wrote over many years. His method of development of spiritual consciousness. The great central light. But I think he takes much of his argument I am having trouble taking this book seriously. An address by Manikyavasayarone of the great Tamil saints of Southern India.

What correlation exists between Buddha’s desire and the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness among Occidental disciples – p. He was an athletic boy who enjoyed a good ball consciousnezs.