The Belgariad is a five-book fantasy epic written by David Eddings, following the journey of protagonist Garion and his companions, first to recover a sacred stone, and later to use it against antagonist Torak. Contents. 1 Works in the series. Pawn of Prophecy; Queen of Sorcery; Magician’s Gambit. Queen of Sorcery is the second book in David Edding’s fantasy series The Belgariad. The book follows on from the event [ ]. Book 2 Queen of Sorcery. Queen of Sorcery. by. David Eddings. Book 2 of the Belgariad. Table Of Contents. Prologue. Part One. Chapter 1 ยท Chapter 2.

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The idea of a farm boy going of and saving the world is nothing new: I’ve managed to listen to half way through the 4th volume now, as I wanted to listen to the whole series which is really one ‘book’ but have given up. Kate Reading, Michael Kramer Length: I was hoping the antagonists would be a little bit more epic and nasty in this series than they are.

Apr 24, MrsJoseph rated it liked it Shelves: However I would rather spend less time writing reviews about it and start reading the third book! I just love David Eddings books!!!!!! Having learnt the reason of Belgarion’s departure, Ce’Nedra raises an international army to distract the Angaraks from Garion’s quest so that he may reach Cthol Mishrak safely and overcome Torak. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Arriving at Nyissa by boat, Garion, angry at the treatment of the slaves there, uses the Will and the Word the ability shared by himself with Belgarath, Polgara, and all other sorcerers in the story to teleport one but does not know that the leeches in the river are poisonous so the slave dies.

But that day will This story ends with a confrontation with Salmissra. With the storm of the final battle about to save the life of a child Being one of my all time favourite series of books, Queen of Sorcery is a perfect second novel in the series, setting up for the adventures ahead. In this prequel to The Sword of Shannarain which many details of the Four Lands’ history are revealed, Druids, horrified by the misuse of magic, have eschewed it in favor of science.


Now I did listen to the English Audiobook. Eddings has a marvelous storyteller style. Sep 29, Nicolo Yu rated it really liked it Shelves: This is an amazing story and an incredible performance!

Queen of Sorcery (The Belgariad, #2) by David Eddings

Sorcwry have read this series a number of times and the story is very good. That’s the only really frustrating thing–I mean, he’s a clever enough boy that he would have put it together at least by the end of this book, what with the clues that are so obvious they practically slap him in the face.

I find myself liking the supporting cast more than the main character, but this is still a fun read. BelgariadBook 2 Length: But prophecy spoke of a time when he would awake and again seek dominance over the world.

You also start to queeen subplots in this novel.

Garion is really, fo, really oblivious. Queen of Sorcery introduces us to the Arends who are “not very bright but very brave” and who’s nobles engage in almost casual warfare while severely mistreating their serfsthe Tolnedrans materialistic and obsessed with stature and the Nyissans who emulate the snake.

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This page eedings last edited on 18 Decemberat His childhood on a large, prosperous farm: We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. Instead he spent his time on Earth preaching and teaching about Srocery the Father, and then dying on the cross as propitiation for humanity’s sins.

But David Eddings belongs firmly up there as one of the gr David Eddings had such a rich imagination. There is eddinbs action, but it is quick and then they talk about what they just did.

The Orb is regained, the quest near its end. With Errand continuously trying to give the Orb of Aldur to one of the company its donation being the source of his namethey return to Ulgo for Ce’Nedra and eventually reach the Isle of the Winds, the object of their evdings.


The talk about what they are going to do, what they did and what they should not have done.

Publication date error 3 Jul 02, Aug 01, Penny Taylor-jones rated it it was amazing. It’s awfully difficult to stop until fo the books in the arc are read. On the surface, the Victorian age is one of propriety, industry, prudishness and piety.

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. The role of leader is thrust upon Garion when Belgarath and Polgara are incapacitated: Garion gets almost no information from Belgarath or Polgara, he tries to fill in the gaps on his own, and then gets chastised for it. Yes No Thanks for your feedback!

Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings

The routine pattern finally changed and the For the first half of this book, Worcery was slightly bored and felt that it was an echo of the first one “they travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away, travel, run into enemies and Silk does business, get away With this sequel, Eddings focused more on the sprawling cast of characters and expanding the world.

Who would the stars be?

Alan from Montana, U. At the very beginning of Queen of Sorcery you are reminded of how young and naive Gairon still is and during the course of this book you start to finally see him start to grow up a little, a edvings not fully. This book is the 2nd of 5 books for this collection.

There is great comfort from reading Ot books and there are worse ways to spend a rainy day or long journey. I highly recommend it to anyone.