If you’re unfamiliar with Deckadance 2, from Image-Line, the guys that Deckadance 2 is an amazingly robust application with a layout and design that, . A Producer’s Guide To Programming Realistic Bass Lines. Tutorial. Software. Deckadance is a registered trademarks of Image Line Software. Note: The tutorial image (shown opposite) shows the REC & SYNC buttons on two. This is video 3 of the Deckadance tutorial series. In this tutorial we will take a look at how to set-up the BPM for your tracks within Deckadance. IL playlist.

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Review: Deckadance 2

Specifically, Pan controls, as well as Level controls for samples. Though, once I started to press a few buttons, everything appeared and was just fine. And, with the handy, little editor buttons, the graphic portion of your VST plug-ins become readily available. Digital DJs often reach for Traktor or Serato, but there’s another program out there with an amazing feature-set, Deckadance 2. Create an account or login to get started! But, beyond that, I really feel like the layout and placement is extremely well thought out.

Categories News Reviews Tutorials Interviews. In this particular area of Deckadance, I was kind of hoping for a few more features. Of course, where would the fun be without some FX. One thing that has always impressed me with Image-Line is the way that they are constantly adding new features.


Childs IV More articles by this author. I was particularly impressed with the FX mixers ability to have the FX be applied to either hi, mid, or low frequencies. Keep in mind, these deckadacne just icing suggestions.

Simply record and then drag the sample on to the pad of your choice. Or, just wait for someone else to do it on the Image-Line forums. Audio is your tuforial daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

So, if you hate reading through the whole thing, and just want to click on a picture and find out what a function does. A NonLinear Educating Company. Deckadance 2 also features a very handy, simple Deckadancr Sampler, just the way you like it. More articles by this author. Give it a try and see if it might set your club sets on fire.

Review: Deckadance 2 :

I really want to give Image-Line some credit on this. Recently, with version 2. Sample pads are available, with a very easy to use record and playback interface. This grid-based, drum pad-like system is also crazy easy to customize. Not a deal breaker, by any means. This contextual menu also allows you to determine which effects will be one-shots, loops, or Re-trigger.


So, if you have a MIDI controllers laying around, and have some coding knowledge, you can even get your controller in on the action. In fact, it goes well beyond simple stutter effects and also affords you gating, deckadznce, scratching effects and more. However, AU is apparently missing. Sound Designer, Musician, Author Just push the sync buttons on the decks that you want tempo-matched and Deckadance 2 takes care of the rest.

Beginning in the U. Deckadance 2, in General Discussion Want to join the discussion? Especially the time-stretching algorithms. Samples, can of course be looped, re-triggered and one-shot. Log In Create Account. Deckadance 2 also allows the usage of VST plug-ins.

DJ gig dj djing dj mixing software learn how to dj review dj app. The frequency range of my music is ingeniously preserved, along with the transients. Again, before moving on to other parts of the application, the sound is extremely good. tutoial

You can even design your own effects. Childs has worn many hats. And, maybe some way to dedicate effects to samples specifically, rather than having to go through the master bus.