DOSXYZnrc Users Manual. BEAM Code System General Licence. The BEAM code system (i.e. all pieces of code saying they are subject to the BEAM. General . Epp (Easy particle propagation) is a user code for the EGSnrc code system (1) widely used DOSXYZnrc (2). DOSXYZnrc Users Manual. DOSXYZnrc用户手册_IT/计算机_专业资料。DOSXYZnrc Users Manual B. Walters, I. Kawrakow and D.W.O. Rogers Ionizing Radiation.

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Note that, in most applications, we have not observed any di? The possible settings for dflag and their relation to dsurround are as follows: Restrictions on charged particle step length then become the EGSnrc input variables Smax max.

A graphical user interface for calculation of 3D dose distribution using Monte Carlo simulations

Parallel Rectangular Beam Incident from Multiple Directions This is a uniform parallel rectangular beam similar to source 1, but incident from multiple, user-de? Every voxel volume element can have di? Note, this option disabled, but must enter blank record for compatibility. Z in the BEAMnrc run where the phase space source was scored in cm.

When using Uxer phase space data as a source, only the full name and directory path of the. Note that dosxyznrc user macros uset also used by ctcreate to de?

The default is at unless otherwise speci? If set to BH the defaultthen Bethe-Heitler cross sections are used. Simple turns on the leading term of the angular distribution this is sufficient for most applicationsKM comes from Koch and Motz turns on using 2BS from the article by Koch and Motz.


The KM option becomes less e? The geometry is a rectilinear volume with a right-handed coordinate system: To run the code from the GUI, you must? It then became the basis for a Monte Carlo timing benchmark[7] dosyxznrc was regularly updated and available on the WWW for many years until Note that dsurround is a 4-dimensional array with dsurround 1 occurring dozxyznrc dflag on the input line and dsurround Any of the available beams can be incident on this CT phantom.

Usrr general purpose EGSnrc user code to do cartesian coordinate dose deposition studies. For further information, see section 9 on page The format follows that of the general purpose EGSnrc user-codes[26]. Restarting is not recommended, however, because it may lead to underestimates of the uncertainty in the?


Simulation of binding e? Note old code is in place. The stand-alone code, combinedose, will average the. Input parameters for source 4 are the same as for source 2: Simulation through moving MLC with multiple variable settings A new source contributed by Lobo and Popescu to model continuously varying beam con? The default is to print nothing unless asked for here.

Input for Dose Component Calculations. We recommend setting NRCYCL to a value that will ensure that the entire phase space source gets sampled ie the simulation uses almost all the particles in the source but prevents the source from being restarted. Rogers Ionizing Radiation Standards Nation. If dosxyznrrc particle originated in any one of these NBIT1 regions, then it will be used in the simulation.


If missing, the defualt is 0.

However, if a large portion of the source is covered on the uer pass, or if it is restarted more than once, we recommend re-running the simulation with a new value of NRCYCL calculated as: Phase-Space Source Incident from Multiple Directions This source is similar to source 2, except that it is incident from multiple, user-de?

You can also use your own customized photon cross-section data. Again, surviving photons have their weight increased by n split so that their weight is equal to the weight of the original photon before splitting. For more information, see the EGSnrc manual[2].

It determines the number of times that each particle from a phase space source is recycled ie, reused each time it is read. The possible settings of enflag are: EGSnrc also allows the user to specify custom Rayleigh form factors for speci?

The default Makefile is Makefile. Phase space data in IAEA format comprises both a header extension. Rather than each job running a?

This is only of interest in keV X-Ray simulations. When not in CT phantom mode, MAX20 is the last variable on the line s specifying the regions for which dose will be output ie record 9.