Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual Panasonic AG-DVXA Camcorder User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. 21 items The AG-DVX uses an electronic shutter which the user can set to differ- ent speeds. The zoom lens utilizes a cam-driven manual zoom ring, with. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. 1 AG-DVXAP. VQT0E OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. 1 AG-DVXAAN. VQT0F OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.

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Shooting Face-to-face shooting When the LCD monitor is opened and rotated degrees toward the lens, and the person operating the camera recorder records images of himself or herself, the impression of the shot mnual may appear to be different from usual. Page 72 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

O When the beep tone is sounded, the audio signals from the output connectors are muted, and the beep tone is output Place the battery flat along the on the AC adapter, and slide it into position.

Table Of Contents Contents Accessories It is recommended that a spare battery be kept on hand just in case it is needed.

Panasonic AG-DVX100A Operating Manual

Select the VCR mode to check the tape contents or input and record video signals from an external source. Recharge it by following the steps below. Recording standby during face- to-face shooting: The power will dvx010a go off if shooting is temporarily stopped for more than 5 minutes in order to prevent the battery from running down and keep the tape from wearing.

OWhen the camera recorder is to be used for the first time OWhen the camera recorder is to be used after it has not been used for an extended period OWhen the camera recorder is to be used in a situation where the ambient temperature will Mounting The Battery Mounting the battery Raise the viewfinder.


Panasonic AG-DVXA user manual – Operating Instructions

The IRIS button does not work at this time. Use the one that better suits the application and the shooting conditions concerned. If this happens, the power will be automatically turned off after several seconds.

Shooting Preparation and inspections Before shooting, check that the camera recorder is operating properly.

Setting the calendar Presented below is a sample setting where the calendar is set to December 25, and the time is set to 5: Storage tips When storing the camera recorder, eject the cassette from the camera recorder and remove ,anual battery. Viewfinders Viewfinders This camera recorder has two viewfinders: ND filter display The selected ND filter appears here.

The following files were stored as factory settings prior to shipment.

Playback, Normal playback, Tape blank search | Panasonic AG-DVXA User Manual | Page 63 / 72

Precautions For Use Precautions for use Take care to prevent water from entering inside the camera recorder when using it in the rain or snow or at the seashore or in other similar environments. Is a scene which is hard to bring into focus in the auto focus mode being shot? This function is used to search the index signals recorded on the tape. O When cleaning or otherwise maintaining the camera recorder, either remove its battery or disconnect its AC cable from the power outlet.


See page vvx100a Q2: Open the cover, and adjust the strap length. Setting The Calendar Setting the calendar Presented below is a sample setting where the calendar is set to December 25, and the time is set to 5: Charging the battery Fully charge the battery using the AC adapter before use.

No automatic focusing A White Balance And Black Balance White balance and black balance Adjusting the white balance The white balance must always be re-adjusted when the lighting conditions have changed. Return the viewfinder to its original position. Scene files The settings selected to suit various shooting situations are stored in the positions of the scene file dial.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Return the cover to its original position.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Cassette Tapes Cassette tapes Inserting a cassette tape Do not insert or eject a cassette tape by taking hold of the cassette holder alone.

Some scenes are hard to bring into focus using auto focus.

Panasonic AG-DVX100A Camcorder User Manual

Remote Control Unit Parts and their dvx1000a Remote control unit The buttons listed below are for functions which are not featured on the camera recorder. Charging The Internal Battery Charging the internal battery The date and time are stored in the memory using the internal battery. The focus is adjusted automatically in the auto focus mode.