Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. EC Wireless Networks WIRELESS NETWORK: Unit I MEDIUM ACCESS ALTERNATIVES SESSION. EC wireless Networks VIII Semester ECE EC – Wireless Networks VIII Write short notes on collision mechanism in No persistent CSMA Protocol?. ECWIRELESS NETWORKS. is unique about voice voice oriented wireless network? write short notes on i> SMS in GSM ii>RAKE receiver.

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It also supports speech transmissions between MSs, emergency calls, and digital data transmissions.

Multi user access is the main problem in the integrated system which includes voice and data. What is meant by AMPS?

Explain in detail the performance of fixed assignment access methods with traffic engineering and delay estimation methods. How contention based protocols are classified?

Wireless Networks Notes ECE 8th Semester Notes

Handoff depends on cell size, boundary length, signal strength, fading, reflection and refraction of signals, man-made noise. List the challenges involved in Adhoc network architecture.


Down load link here — Wireless Networks Notes. Explain any to table driven routing protocols in ad-hoc networks.

ECWireless Networks-Lecture notes for unit 1-edition

This wirelesa uses Akismet to reduce spam. What are the functions of physical layer of IEEE Consistent with other security mechanisms Prepred by A. A wireless bridge is a hardware component used to connect two or more network segments LANs or parts of a LAN which are physically and logically by protocol separated. So, great care is needed in packet collisions. What are the advantages of wireless LAN? What was the mission of the IAPP group?


Log In Sign Up. List the advantages of wireless sensor network. MANET can be defined as an autonomous system of nodes or MSs also serving as routers connected by wireless links, the union of which forms a communication network modeled in the form of an arbitrary communication graph. Mention the three wirelrss correction mechanism used by Bluetooth systems. List the challenges faced by WLAN industry. The network makes the handoff decision wreless on reports from the MS.


List the parameters that influence the Handoff. List the Bluetooth applications. Netwprks Part B 1. Find out the remedies to the challenges and issues and discuss in detail about it. What are the two types of protocols used to handle multiple access issues?

EC Wireless Network – Question bank | Devasena A. –

Explain in detail about Bluetooth architecture 8. List the services provided by IEEE CSMA-based wireless random access technique. How the hard Wireless is characterized? What do you mean by Handoff?

Click here to sign up. Explain the key features of routing protocol in WSN and ce2043 any two energy efficient routing protocols. List the seven sub states in the operation of Bluetooth. What is meant by NAM?