Edward Unconditionally: Common Powers 3 [Lynn Lorenz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Jack meets Edward at a traffic stop, his. Edward, Unconditionally. By Lynn Lorenz When he meets Jack, Edward falls for the all-American by-the-book lawman, but finds his attempts rebuffed and his. When Jack meets Edward at a traffic stop, his world is rocked — and not for the better. Edward Unconditionally. Front Cover. Lynn Lorenz.

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Lynn Lorenz (Author of Edward Unconditionally)

Rate this book Clear umconditionally 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He’s so boring and annoying for a character who’s supposed to be super gay. All totaled up, attending one of these events can set an author back thousands.

Edward, Unconditionally

Is Jack man enough to stand up for what he wants or will his fear of being ridiculed for his choice of partner deny him and Edward their HEA? I think because this story was a bit longer than the other two and the other couples from the first two books make appearances here, we learned quite a bit about Jack and Edward. Feb 03, Tell me what it is. I loved the contrast of their characters.

Edward Unconditionally

I loved Edward’s relationship with his grandmother. What a delight this book was!

The antagonists unconditiinally Edward’s mother lyynn some local mechanics – seemed amped up for dramatic effect. On the other hand, Edward is fully developed, and Unconditionakly loved so much when he said that he wanted the fairy tale, for once in his life he wanted a man who loves him unconditionally, for who he is right now, without changing him Edward takes his red sporty car, his Louis Vuitton matching suitcase set, his little bulldog named Winston who has a matching wardrobe with his daddyand drives as fast as he can toward Spring Lake in Texas, obviously infringing the speed limit and being halted by Jack, the handsome chief of police of Spring Lake.


Jack, of course, doesn’t want to believe but since he saw it all firsthand he sort of has to.

Should have the first chapter done this a. Enjoyed this story so much Jack, Edward and especially Winston the best matchmaker going around, he cracked me up with his first meet and greet with Jack, I couldn’t stop laughing at the comedy of errors after that special introduction.

That laughter you hear is my husband I attend a critique group, and do whatever the kids are into at the time. Edward Unconditionally Common Powers, 3 3. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Disclosure. There are some totally irrelevant details about Edward’s dad, about two homophobic mechanics, ubconditionally Edward’s “gift” thrown in, for interest, I suppose, but the topics were dropped and never really explored.

Edwar read the first unconditionalyl books in this series and have been increasingly impressed with them, and Edward Unconditionally truly hit it out of the park for me.

Common Powers – Edward, Unconditionally – Author Lynn Lorenz and Theodora Lane

Jack has worked hard to make a good life for himself and he can’t risk losing people’s respect for a fling with Edward. He was so not a Country Living kind of guy. Esward least, not if he values his trust fund, and he definitely does.


Unfortunately, all of Jack’s fears are still there and while Edward wants to be loved, Jack isn’t sure he can handle what life would be like if he came out and was with Edward. Edward is a full flamboyant gay man from Atlanta. He begins to see the joys in the small town and like being unconditjonally from the craziness of his past life.

I didn’t read the rest of the Common Powers series which is totally out of character for me my book OCD usually means I can’t stand to read only part of a series! Marc, if you see this email me again. It’s okay not to write.

Apr 07, JenMcJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved his tenacity; I loved his open heart; I loved his ability to be exactly who he is. I think the main charm comes from both guys whereas in Soul BondsI only care for Sammi.

Nov 30,