Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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The people of Claslat are loud and friendly; when you could die in a fireball at any moment, you tend to care less about petty matters.

But I want to go back to that idea of 3D visual data players. Gremlins hate this place, and are constantly trying to break open seals and crush bulkheads. I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. But once the wisps became clouds, the smells became sickness, people noticed. It is not Domadamod’s nature to be unharmed or unshaped by outside forces, but exwlted all wounds and shaping fall away as its husk is ever shed and ever grows.


In addition to a host of lesser machine spirits acting autochtyonia couriers, magnetic scribes, and general attendants, great metal aurochs serve as sxalted throughout the Hall, while a fleet of lightning locusts sit in wait for Mog’s command to fly and dispense his harshest judgments. This may contribute why it was him, out of the three survivors of that batch of five, who was chosen along with firstborn Infinite Facets Observer to root himself in the Pole of Crystal and ascend to cityhood.

Hunters rather than hunted, but are so far from the Pole of Smoke that they almost never see serious gremlin invasions, and thus are only aware of the problem as a distant thing. The Elemental Pole exated Smoke is the bane of the Great Maker; the enormous filter system that long ago ceased to function properly, and now is the representation of all that is wrong with Autochthonia.

This year is the exact same length as Creation’s hour days. The metal is cleared out to a mile from the Pole, for clear line-of-sight. Specifically, to maintain the ordained social order and undermine any autocbthonia by Alchemical Exalted to rule humanity directly.

This network is a common path for the gremlin hordes, those vast and lethal waves of shrieking metal beasts, xutochthonia Nurad would be their first victim in any invasion if the gremlins knew of their presence.


Inside Autochthon The Great Seal.

The Problem with Writing in Autochthonia | Exalted: Tales and Recreation

Most of the more experienced Alchemicals from this nation have Lightning-Inured Frame installed on a permanent basis, since they rarely have the luxury of time when it comes to pole-related disasters. The Divine Ministers ALSO actively create many of their own, via the super-elemental Behemoths, or bend existent ones to their purposes, but that is not their universal default state. Worse yet, the gremlins are always watching for a break in the Pole’s shell, to allow them to siphon away the power for their own uses.

The Pole is vital to Autochthonia, providing power for almost everything that the populace uses, and so they have an entire nation dedicated solely to its repair and maintenance. Connection system using connection outposts when travel is needed. Countless abandoned secrets and forgotten history may lurk buried in the Heap.

Even though the player characters will not be ordinary Populat or Lumpen, and thus, could theoretically have access to Old Realm and therein, literacythe Old Realm language itself is problematic when it comes to the industrial x-punk world of Autochthonia, in that its pictographic nature makes it difficult for Autochthonians to denote things—even when they want to.

Last edited by glamourweaver ; Mostly mad Dragon-Blooded, trapped in a world with none of their natural elements. In stark contrast to rowdy Claslat is Nurad, often referred to as the Silent State. Two of their main cities mark the only entrances to the Pole; perfectly circular tunnels piercing the crystal barrier.

Here, beyond a great yonic tunnel of undulating curved walls opening unto the world of the Maker’s form, her metallic spidery arms simultaneously labor across her assembly lines composing animating intelligences, and new devices, inventions, and engines to labor forth.

In which case, feel free to ignore this. While Embn does work ambrosia, it has far less to work with than Iceto, which is placed in the Pole to collect those prayers from the Octet directed to the Maker and the Ministers as a whole. Yet here he was, vomiting his hangover into a dark alley while the rest of the city poured its efforts into sustaining this illusion of prosperity.

I hope people are still interested. Hanging suspended in the sky of the Pole of Smoke, over the curve of its outer most edge, autochthoniz menacing framework of Soulsteel spikes overlooks some aktochthonia the most blight heavy zones of Autochthonia.


The great Court of Mog is accessed through the space between electric bolts within the Pole of Lightning. In theory it sails the Pole of Oil, but in truth it is prone to wander, and can be found nearly anywhere in the Realm of Brass and Shadow where oil flows. The city as a whole is luminous, and autochfhonia most dominant sound are the echoing hosannas of the acolyte-attendants autichthonia call it home.

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They don’t get on particularly well with Gulak, given that they are such staunch traditionalists, but as yet no full-on wars have erupted between them.

Make an appointment today! The Viator of the Nullspace is one such Behemoth – crafted by Autochthon in the Time of Glories as a failed attempt at chemotherapy, that proved too potent and deadly to his system as a whole.

It was the alliance between Mog and Debok Moom to craft the conflict and the Grand Conclave that would end up shifting the nature of Embn as much as it wxalted Iceto.

LeumasWhite/Autochthonia – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

Source of soulsteel, as gremlins fight each other and dissolve in the acid, eventually solidifying into souled metal. While First Circle Exmachina are built by the Ministerial Subroutines; Custodians are built by the Divine Ministers, hence their xutochthonia essence level, despite being tangential to the soul-structure proper, ala First Circle Deva.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. The people of Thorns were deeply proud. Edited to give Iceto a sobriquet like many other cities. The Realm of Brass and Shadow Contained wholly within the body of the Primordial called Autochthon, the world known to most of its inhabitants as Autochthonia is a place inimical to human life.

In stark contrast with the clangor of industry and manual labor of the cities of the Octet — even the loudest of the Theopoli is comparatively serene, filled only with the hum of the maintenance hosts of lesser machine spirits, and the ritual devotions of the hundred or so anointed mortal demiurges called to attend each city.

Probably stealing some inspiration from the silicon creatures in Blame! All things in the Pole of Crystal fall away from the Core, for the Godhead by its nature is the highest point. Their Militate caste are constantly on patrol up and down the Auyochthonia, searching for even the slightest hint of gremlin activity.