Buy Facom F08 – Catalogue New in Film at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. Items 1 – 20 of 69 Expert Tool Store – the home of Facom Storage Accessories. The Best Service + Best Prices + Free UK Delivery + Global Export. Search in FACOM catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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This is before the Stanley takeover and just about all of the items were made in France the CDX ratchets were made in Italy. BB1 and cabinet JET8. Here are some pics of the original pc set, serial You can milk a cow a thousand times but you can only slaughter it once!

The shop’s fume extraction system plugs into ports on either wall.

The United States allocation was sets. Ferrari restricted production to 1, sets worldwide, 15 sets given to facmo Ferrari factory and 1 set to their extraordinary driver, Michael Schumacher. I still have most of the original tools that were part of this set.

Limit one per customer for each ratchet purchased through Ultimate Garage by itself or in a set. I lived in France as a teen, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, just outside of Paris.

All FACOM catalogs and technical brochures

Some of the more popular sets, U. The ratchets have been around since the mid’s. Facom tools and module trays in nicely partitioned Lista drawers. I’ll try to touch on Facom pneumatic tools from time to time in this newsletter. They included the same mechanism in used in the higher end d08 but had a more compact fixed ratchet head.


You can order the A. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Power tools” P.

Unfortunately, due to the weight of these pullers, the cases and more often the plastic trays are damaged in transit from France. Fqcom ball detents on ratchets and extensions cannot hold and secure the weight of these heavier tools. The Facom wrenches are often half the cost of the equivalent spec Ingersoll-Rand tool.

The teeth are heat treated. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Electronics” P. Fast and cheap delivery Very high probability of damage in transit from France. I’ve looked at other Needle Scalers online and there are a lot of comments about quality issues. Main pump replaced, oil and plugs changed. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Pliers” P. Facom does offer a fully automatic self adjusting strap version but in my experience, the U.

Facom Catalog Listing for the 40Ti Series. Facom pneumatic tools are very popular in Europe and South America.

Jetline System – FACOM – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

The 17mm size show here is a full 1. The tool is used in autobody, marine and home repair applications involve metal. Ratchet effect is twice as fast as any conventional open f80 wrench. Same rubber handle and satin chrome finish. In the past few years, Facom has been moving towards maintenance free ratchets Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Non-sparking tools catalog” P.


J J A new generation made for you www. InFacom consolidated and improved their classic series lock-grip pliers, now called the A series. The R is a better t08, but because of the ratcheting box end, it comes at a higher cost. Without this service, the grease in the ratchets would faocm and the mechanism would seize or slip.

Facom Tool chests JLS2-MHDR

It can also be purchased as a kit R. Reversing lever on the ratchet head. This eliminates the need for a bit holder allowing the user to get into very tight spots. Still waiting on the larger 12″ set to be available for purchase. Facom warranty is protection against factory defects Facom’s 40R series – the open end design allows fast rotation Now Facom has always been a French company, founded in by Louis Moses.

JE18 18Combination wrenches 6 to 24 mm 1Long-nose lock-grip pliers I found these very useful when working with captive fasteners Great for searching by part number for photos, specifications, and related products. Their design and engineering are unique and build quality is excellent.

Manage your costs and keep pressing your suppliers for better pricing.