New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates’s strongest and most unsparing novel yet—an always engrossing, often shocking evocation. By the end of Foxfire we know it too, emerging from another punishing round in the ring with Joyce Carol Oates. In this sombre story of blood. It was between the ages of thirteen and seventeen that I belonged to FOXFIRE and FOXFIRE made sacred those years.” Madeleine Faith Wirtz narrates Oates’s .

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At once brutal and lyrical, this is a careening joyride of a novel – charged with outlaw caroo and lit by intense emotion. Want to Read saving…. The place is a blue-collar town in upstate New York, where five high school girls are joined in a gang dedicated to pride, power, and vengeance on a world they never made – a world that seems made to denigrate and destroy them.

Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates | : Books

However ultimately I went with one, because I just wasn’t engaged with this book throughout reading it, and was slightly elated once I was done and knew I didn’t have to pick it up again.

And each time I read it – this would be my third – I take something new away from it. In fact, the sky seemed to take on an almost salvific quality for Maddie and Legs, the two main protagonists.

Legs is stoic from the very beginning drawing others toward her with admiration and jealousy, flattery. I am, and the plot for me was too tangled and slow. She holds a Foxfire initiation ritual on January 1,involving secret tattoos of the gang’s symbol, a red flame. Sep 17, Minutes Buy. Confessions of a Oatess Gang is a ofxfire by Joyce Carol Oates about ioyce group of teenage girls in upstate New York in the s who form a gang called Foxfire.


She created her ow Overall, I liked this book and found the characters believable and the story engaging. But then the gang’s very success leads to disaster – as Foxfire makes a last tragic stand against a society intent on swallowing it up. I can also see that it really resonates with others. If you do not like violence or not found of the sexual abuse topic I would suggest not to read this book. This first Foxfire adventure is non-violent; the girls paint graffiti messages on Mr. To ask other readers questions about Foxfireplease sign up.

Goldie, for example, is a member of the gang.

Foxfire caeol to gain attention in school and around town. Never back down, be who you really are “Foxfire never forgets” and neither will the next person you inspire. It took place a lower class setting next to an upper class society. Mary Rodriguez-Watson It’s been years since I read this but I believe main themes are are friendship, feminism, sexism, and coming of age.

Wish I had read this in high school. Really liked this one.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dec 10, Kates Duff rated it it was amazing. Like a river hundreds of miles long exists both at its source and at its mouth, simultaneously?

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang – Wikipedia

The writing itself is different, so excited and fast paced and descriptive, but I loved it; it is just another quality that adds to the ambiance this book delivers. For that legacy, i am thankful varol him and to Joyce Carol Oates. Views Read Edit View history. View all 3 comments.

En fin, foxfie de esos caso de: Most of the characters are developed in this way, making them all relatable and authentic. Aug 01, Pages Buy.


Oates seemed to be making an effort here to make the men well-rounded. My only real complaint was the italics: In many ways, Legs is as multi-faceted as the book itself. One day, Foxfire members are involved in a schoolyard fight with boys from another gang.

And I read it in that joycr.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

The story is set in the 50s, but, except for a few scattered cultural markers, it could just as easily be set in the contemporary moment.

She needed confidence, foxfir like most teenagers, craved family. Aug 01, Jjoyce Generous rated it it was amazing. Most of the gang members move into the house, but they have difficulty earning enough money to support themselves with their legitimate jobs. Every now and then you find an atmosphere created by a story like this that is so fresh and exciting and raw, so niche and unique, that it completely swallows you whole and drowns you in its presence, where it’s all you can think about oaes days and weeks, wishing and wanting hopelessly to be back within its pages.

Encouraged by this first victory, Foxfire becomes increasingly bold in their activities. I mean, there is the obvious reason why, which is that it’s about a girl gang that targets predatory men and boys – and of course, horrible pet toxfire – with a sense of prefeminist vengeance.