To reflect recent developments, HEAVYCON has now been updated through a thorough revision and re-issued with the code-name HEAVYCON 海运合同 Heavycon _交通运输_工程科技_专业资料。HEAVYCON First published Revised 1. Place and date of Contract. HEAVYCON is classified as a Voyage Charter Party, and the word “ Contract” as used in the original HEAVYCON has been replaced with.

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Interest If any amounts due under this Charter Party are not paid when due, then interest at the rate of 1. Haevycon should be aware that the Owners are entitled to substitution, i.

Explanatory notes to HEAVYCON 2007

Additional clauses, if necessary, can also be added using idea — either from the built-in library of BIMCO standard clauses or from the users own uploaded library of clauses. The provision, by which the Owners were to reimburse the Charterers for the use of workboats or tugs, is not needed as this is standard in the heavylift trade. The Charterers shall procure and pay for workboats and tugs required for the positioning of the cargo.

If Box 12 is not filled in then fourteen 14 days shall apply. Notes — Insurance Closely related to the matters covered by Clause 22 Liabilities and Indemnities are the provisions concerning insurance laid down in Clause You are commenting using your WordPress. Free Enterprise Mall Handouts. However, since in practice the Marine Surveyor gives his approval when the cargo has been loaded and seafastened, the provision did not work. The Owners shall give prompt notification of any delay or deviation to the Charterers and any claims for additional compensation shall be supported by appropriate documentation.

Notes heavycom Confidentiality This clause addresses the issue of the confidentiality of information between the parties.


Sub-clause b provides the parties with the possibility of using a non-negotiable Cargo Receipt since in the heavy lift trade it is often the case that a bill of lading is not required because no on-sale of the Cargo during transit heavjcon contemplated.

  EN 10277-2 PDF

Notes — Entire Agreement This is a normal provision in English Law contracts to avoid disputes arising as to whether any other terms for instance in accompanying correspondence, or verbal discussions form part of the Contract. Pollution a The Owners shall be liable for, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Charterers against all claims, costs, expenses, actions, proceedings, suits, demands and liabilities whatsoever arising out of actual or threatened pollution heavyfon and the cost of cleanup or control thereof originating from the Vessel or other property of the Owners.

The Charterers hereby agree to produce the original certificates of insurance maintained hereunder to the Owners or their appointed representatives when requested so to do.

Demurrage claim under HEAVYCON 2007

If the Charterers fail within 48 running hours, Sundays and holidays included, to make such nomination or agree to reckon laytime as if the port named in the Charter Party were accessible or declare that they cancel the Charter Party, the Owners shall have the option of cancelling the Charter Party. Loading and Discharging a The Charterers shall have the Cargo in all respects ready for the said voyage at the Loading Port on the date for which notice of expected load readiness is given by the Owners as per Clause 9 Advance Noticesbut not before the date stated in Box 10 as first layday.

When the Owners exercise such option s this shall in no way constitute a deviation, notwithstanding anything else contained in this Charter Party. The Owners shall pay all expenses relating to documentation related to the Vessel and all other equipment being provided by the Owners in the performance of the Transportation.

Port of Discharge i If the voyage to the discharging port is impeded by ice, or if on arrival the discharging port is inaccessible by reason of ice, the Master or Owners shall notify the Charterers thereof.


Subclauses g and h are about the division of various costs. All other equipment shall be provided by the Charterers. Sub-clause d shall apply in all cases.

207 the drafting process it was discussed whether the Owners should have an obligation to exercise due diligence in making the Vessel seaworthy throughout the voyage. The entire discharge operation always to be done to the full satisfaction of the Master. A form for the midsized heavy lift sector is therefore under development by a separate drafting team. The trailer, intended to be used to hevycon the reactor from the jetty to the construction site, suffered serious damage, as did the jetty itself.

Contact us online Contact us by phone. Under this doctrine, claims arising out of the contracts binding on parties personally are not subject to limitation of liability.

Notes — Freight Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Canal transit time is defined as from arrival at pilot station or customary waiting place or anchorage, whichever is the earlier, and until dropping last outbound pilot when leaving for the open sea.

The Owners shall leave the area as soon as possible after completion of discharge. The drafting process has been thoroughly with several meetings.

The Owners shall have the right to use such workboats and tugs for the discharging operations. The exclusion in Rule 60 2 extends only to liabilities, losses, etc. Notes heavgcon Voyage 2.

In many cases, the areas etc. If the price actually paid by the Owners for this quantity of hdavycon should be lower, the difference shall be paid by the Owners to the Charterers.