Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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Divide by N Counter. For example, if N is Set the controls as follows: The output is current-protected by 335b 0. X Drive The output pulse is derived from the bias pulse issued by the fractional N control 1C.

During each scan cycle, the events shown in Figure happen concurrently. Manial following steps determine if the digital programming portion or the analog portion of the A21 board is at fault.

If ph signal at U31 pins 5 and 9 is correct but pins 6 and 8 are always low, it is possible that U32 could be defective. Continue to observe this pulse train while pressing the resistor lead down so that it makes contact with the point from which it was unsoldered.

Primitive 3352b On Tests. The voltage should be -8V. If the VCO operated at This signal should be a 0. Full text of ” HP: Output resistance is 50 ohms.


Agilent Technologies HP B Manuals

This frequency tests the API 3 circuit. The high input bit is inverted by the keyboard buffers. Adjustments Required After Repair If still bad, refer to Service Group J.

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Following a single sweep, the X Drive ramp remains essentially at lOV until reset prior to the start of another sweep. DAC U converts the 8-bit waveform data into an analog current that is converted to a voltage by operational amplifiers UA and UB. This is the DC offset error correction voltage hl is calculated during a self-calibration.

This special function writes data through the serial isolation path, then reads it back.

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Press the 0 key to set the to 0 Vdc. These values are obtained in one of three ways: Replace any defective components.

After a low level has been detected, the control circuits look for a high level from the same key before the same action can be repeated.

Change the oscilloscope vertical gain as necessary to observe the signal. It is capacitively coupled to the rear panel output connector.

All test equipment required for adjustments is itemized in Table In other words, the constants obtained by 3325g Special Functions 60 to 66 will be at their default janual see Tables and Location of Adjustment 6- 1. Power Supplies Service Group O. Each of the four Preset Counters is a BCD counter that can be pre-loaded with a 4-digit binary number and then enabled to count from that point.


Amplitude Flatness Adjustment 3Vp-p Pad.

Full text of “HP: B”

All pins should respond except pins Description of the part. If not, decrease padding capacitor A14C using the capacitors shown in Table The output of the multiplier Vq is normally equal to.

Mnemonic Dictionary The processor, ROM, and address bus must be working for this test to nm. Measure the output voltage with a dc digital voltmeter. Additional information on individual circuits may be found within the service groups. Location of Adjustments Table Page Shift DegmVrms Self Test 5 2 d. A14 Assembly Signatures 8-J-l.

Sine Amplitude Control Path The power stage is no longer in the circuit and collector of Q is now the no load output of the high gain preamplifier. This current is labeled Offset Correction in Figure