W zestawie znajdziesz idiomy zawierające nazwy kolorów oraz ich polskie Zestaw przeznaczony jest dla uczących się angielskiego na wszystkich poziomach. uczyş angielskich idiomów, zarazem bawiĈc Czytelnika. Kaİdy jčzyk ma stronie, na której zostaã podany idiom, znajduje sič jego polski odpowiednik, czčsto. Zbiór naturalnych zwrotów i idiomów angielskich, od średniozaawansowanych do zaawansowanych, przygotowany dla Ciebie przez studentów Instytutu.

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Well, I know I should have told Alex the truth but I couldn’t bring myself to it. My grandparents were so happy to give me their old house but for me it’s rather a white elephant. To avoid thinking about or remembering something usually because it is stressful or unpleasant.

A person who performs administrative work. A person who does such things. To be jealous, envious of somebody or something.

Have you heard that Margot is a blue polsko-angeilskie Everyone knows he’s a yellow-dog. Diiomy think we can actually win this year. I could use some company. You’re all black and blue. Why can’t people just cut to the chase and write only what is worth writing?


Colours – English idioms and sayings

I can bear the criticism. She must hate you! A lie you tell in order to be polite or to stop somebody from being upset by the truth. Polsko-angielskiee a white-tie party.

I hate purple prose. Your performance was amazing, you deserve a blue ribbon. How can you believe what polsko-angielsike are writing? In the act of doing something wrong e. The term “blue-collar workers” refers to the fact that manual labourers used to wear blue overalls. My girlfriend is a bluestocking.

Naturalne zwroty i idiomy angielskie (+ Audio)

Don’t worry about Kate. His business is in the red. Full evening dress; most formal evening dress code for men. Promising, hopeful, suggesting good fortune; 2. She won’t go out when it’s dark outside.

To become very angry.

It didn’t hurt anybody and it sure made him feel better! No wonder you’re feeling a bit depressed today. It’s all black and white. A mean, despicable person. I realised what was actually going on at the very end!


I’m not a fan of black humour. Something that moves very fast; 2. You can find stolen goods on the black market. It’s a grey area polako-angielskie law. Something that costs a lot of money and is useless or troublesome. She couldn’t have done it! My sister is coming home after five years of living in France.

Naturalne zwroty i idiomy angielskie – Memrise

I tried jdiomy hard to black out the memory of seeing you in that costume but it comes back every time I look at you. An attempt of covering up something bad. A stream of words when someone talks so much and so fast it seems he or she will never stop.