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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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Compliance with the requirements of Testing and measurement techniques — Section 2: Guide to the dimensional limits of circular conductors Low-voltage fuses — Part Consequently, the thermal current will normally uec lower than the rated current This necessitates additional tests of ice terminals, contacts, etc. During these tests, a movement of the actuating member on the actuating means is acceptable provided this does not result in an incorrect indication of the switch position.

General requirements lEC Unique Type Reference, U.

Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. Occasional flickering ofluminaires and irregular running of motors during the test are neglected. 661058-1 of immunity tests lEC The following guidelines may be used for determining whether a particular switch rating is suitable for controlling the circuit In the actual appticatiort.

Switches for appliances – Part 1: General requirements

Unless otherwise specified, parts connected to a SELV supply not exceeding 24 V are not considered to be live parts. For throe-phase tests, three-core Inductors are used. For switches with electronic actuating members, actuation shall be performed according to the manufacturer’s declarations. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published inAmendment 1: No traces or burn-through shall occur.

If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email. For small helical springs and the like, and for inaccessible parts exposed to abrasion, a layer of grease may provide sufficient protection against rusting.


For switches which have any parts of double insulation construction, it shall not 610558-1 possible to touch with the standard test finger unearthed metal parts which are only separated from live parts by basic insulation, or by the basic insulation itself. Width X Pollution degree Minimum values 1 0,25 mm 2 1,0mm 3 1,5 mm If the associated clearance is less than 3 mm, the minimum width X may be reduced to one- third of this clearance The methods of measuring creepage distances and clearances are indicated in the following examples 1 to For the tests of switches except electronic switches: For all switches except electronic switches the test current may be reduced to 61508-1 by introducing a resistor in the circuit.

BS EN IEC 61058-1:2018

Ignition of the cotton shall not occur. The content of the documentation shall be made available to the appliance manufacturer or end-user as appropriate in any suitable format. Particular requirements for cord switches Switches for appliances — Part Compliance is checked by the humidity treatment described in this subclause, followed immediately by he tests of After the test, accessible metal ie shall not be live It is not necessary for the samples to remain in operating condition.

Table 22 – Minimum clearances for basic insulation. If these are different from each other, then it shall be made clear to which circuit or which terminal the information applies lv! NOTE 3 For switches used in tropical climates, additional requirements may, be necessary.

Standard Detayı

Compliance is checked by inspection and by the following test. For ttie purpose of the test, all the parts of each 61058-11 are connected together: A typical, method of achieving this is shown in figure Principles, requirements and tests lEC NOTE preferred values are ic V.

However, these tests do not apply if it is otherwise verified that the same raw materials, moulds and processes are used as for the type test.


Each terminal shall be located near to its corresponding terminal of different polarity, and to the earthing terminal, if any, unless there is a sound technical reason for the contrary. Requirements for electronic switches. Nuts concentric with the button or dolly are tightened and loosened five times. The requirements of the quality control system may be met by other means, 5.

Testing and measurement techniques — Section 1. No electrical endurance tests are necessary for switches for 20 mA load as classified in 7.

I37 Annex F informative Switch idc guide Solder tsafh at ‘C. For terminals for the connection of supply cables ic cords, the conductor shall have the largest cross-sectional area specified Screws and nuts are tightened and loosened by means of a suitable test screwdriver or spanner, the torque applied when tightening being equal to that specified in the appropriate column of table 20, if not otherwise specified.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. Characteristic Subclause Means of i iformation Common type reference C.

NOTE 3 The 2f value of 15 A’s corresponds to an unfavourable let-through J2f value of 16 A miniature eifcuil- breaKers measured at 1 A prospective short-circuit current.

Classes H to Transmission of a signal between the actuating member or sensing unit and the switch may be connected by optical, acoustic, thermal, electrical or other relevant connection and may include remote controlled units. Table 23 – Minimum creepage distances for basic Insulation Rated voltage r.