sections, with the Front-Cover Texts being “Original Author: Oskar http://people. Oskar Andreasson speaks with about his comprehensive IP . I hope that the iptables-tutorial give Linux administrators the possibility to. Oskar Andreasson [email protected] by Oskar Andreasson. Copyright © .. 1. txt.

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During the time, I was also doing a lot of “work” for our site www. Security Highlights from Defcon You may also contact the linuxsecurity mailing list at security-discuss AT linuxsecurity dotcom.

If you need help, you are better off by asking the netfilter mailing list which you can reach at netfilter at lists. Brazilian bank Inter pays fine over customer data leak. At the top of that, if you’re really security conscious, I’d suggest using kernel security patches and such. Yes, I think there is. Of course, there are those who don’t report the bugs, and instead start tutorrial it to their own advantage for example, hack sites with the bug and so on.

I have also started another project on my spare time, to document the iproute2 package and its uses. Sure, there are a lot of pieces of information available tutoriap there, but a lot of it raises more questions than they answer. Sure, there was the howtos written by Rusty Russell and the man page.

It was available in bookform from Lulu. Who are your target audience and why?

Oskar Andreasson IP Tables Tutorial – The Community’s Center for Security

A person using an open source product is more likely to actually look at the code and to try and fix the problem, and then send the bug over to the developer, in my own experience.

Anyway, my aims with this documentation is to get more people to understand the extremely advanced routing functionalities that really are part of Linux. I most definitely think so. Any kind of computer would suffice, even Pentiums at the moment, as long as I can have a few network cards with them 9 or so, but less would suffice too. The fewer packages we have to keep up to date, the less work to maintain and to keep it up and running. However, I haven’t gotten very far so far since I have run into problems with the whole deal.


On the other side, this may be a bad thing for the really hard working administrator who wants to keep his packages up to date by hand, and who does it faster than Red Hat and Debian, for example, updates their packages.

Iptables-tutorial : Frozentux

Currently there are quite a lot of plans. In open source, you can have the problem fixed within 3 minutes by yourself and have a bug report sent away and how to fix it, in closed source, you find a bug, send a bug report and then sit down and wait for weeks before anything happens. After this I need to go through the explanation of the rc. There is actually something people could do to contribute to this tutorial. One example would be iptables in the beginning, by today there is a wast oskkar of documentation and different introductions etceteras.

This would not change the fact that the tutorial will be available on the Internet, it will always be. If you have fixed the most common vulnerability and someone is determined to get into your host, then you can be certain that the attacker will leave the second most common vulnerability out, or the third for that matter.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What are your future plans for the iptables reference? It was quite small, only pages or so, and didn’t cover all the intricacies of iptables and the more I used iptables and tested it; the more things I found that needed documentation. There was no documentation at all describing how to get started, nor was there any examples iptbles.



Is there something the community can do to assist you with writing and maintaining your security research? If not, well, it would be sad if not even persons liked it enough to actually buy it.

Red Hat and Debian may be easier to maintain in this sense, as they contain more or less integrated package updating and package lists. The tuorial time around I never got it to install at all.

Documentation about the netfilter/iptables project

Open source gives everyone the osoar to look at the source code, and it becomes easier to spot errors for a third party, and hence report to the producer. The iptables-tutorial is currently rather stable, and contains iptales on all the currently available matches and targets in kernelas well as a couple of complete example scripts and explanations. Slackware can be a bit hard to do this with, since it has no package system of its own except the old.

Guardian Digital Mail Systems: I still think the tutorial is aimed at those, but it contains more information today about the advanced functions of netfilter and iptables so it might be fairly well suited for the advanced users as well who might find some interesting reads in the tutorial.

The second time around, “it” crashed my monitor OK, I had to blame something, didn’t I and I had to get another monitor out on the warranty.