Jinxed By Inez Kelley – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Jinxed by Inez Kelley. When opposites attract, they are screwed three ways from Sunday. Frannie learned the hard way that a McHottie doesn’t always equal. ‘Jinxed’ by Inez KELLEY. From the BLURB: Frannie learned the hard way that a McHottie doesn’t always equal marriage material. She’s happy.

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She descended the stairs, determined to be civil to the sleeps-naked, big-footed, condom-carrying single man. McHottie had changed into another pair of careworn jeans and the deep blue of a sweatshirt poked out of his half-opened winter coat. When opposites attract, they are screwed three ways from Sunday. Jinxwd admit that the first time I read this I wondered if Jinx wasn’t a few fries short of a Happy Meal. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie.

He was too close, too male, too delicious. Frannie was too much of an emotionally bipolar basketcase who put Jinx through the wringer for me to like this story any more. I love that the hero is understanding and has a beautiful spirit. He was six foot one, his birthday was June ninth and he was an organ donor.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Jinx and Frannie were awesome! Thank Gawd I did. He thought they had forever. One palm smoothing her skirt over her butt, she intended to claim her seat but he caught her arm and swung her into the aisle. After copletely loving Sweet as Sin I was sorely disappointed by this book.

A new tale of terror and magic in ijez brand new world.


But anyone could have made the same mistake, especially when your mind was filled with erotic images of a side serving of honey-glazed Ineez. Intense black eyes caressed her with frank appraisal and amusement.

This is not my underwear. The suitcase looked like hers. With no makeup and her freshly washed hair damp about her face, her desirability factor registered somewhere on the negative end of the beauty scale.

It gave me hope crushed me and gave me the most incredible HEA.

Outwardly calm and deliberate, she opened the wooden door. He’s everything she should want – handsome, loaded, caring and eager to commit. I promise you’ll love it.

He knows she thinks he’s several fries short of a Happy Meal, but he’s determined to breach the fortress around her heart and give her a Happily Ever After. But Jinx is persistent, and is in love with her. Even when she had to pee, she crossed her legs rather than walk past him. A panicky thought burst through her brain. His animation and energy filled the room and she laughed along with him, drawn in by his teasing banter.

Same area you go to? Their first pets were both named Snoopy although neither was a dog. See all 3 pre-owned listings.

He just has to convince her that he’s the man for her and that he’s nothing like her verbally abusive ex-husband. If nothing else it would put a screeching halt to his flirting. Too much feelings from Jinx from nothing, too much craziness Reviews ‘Jinx is the dream man we all want. Frannie is a woman scarred from her past, always calling herself a Plain Jane, but not really knowing deep down her own power and value.

With a deep chuckle, he reached lower to pet the animal. Out of curiosity, I checked to see why in the world anyone would give this book one or two stars Air-travel is stressful at the best of times, but Frannie Sullivan just had the flight from hell.


She snatched her hand away, earning a wink. WOuld her reaction have been different if this guy wasn’t smoking hot?

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Frannie plays Cinderella-you’ll know it when you get there. Tragedy taught Jinx that time is too precious to waste, so when a series of uncanny ibez thrusts Frannie into his life, he holds on tight. Jinx quickly realizes that Frannie is the girl for him, but she’s reluctant to accept his instant infatuation. Zings and zaps shot up her arm as his finger stroked hers with deliberate intention.

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He’s tall, dark, delightful and delicious. Collecting her bag, she pulled on her long, lightweight coat. A Plain Jane, middle class, suburban accountant would likely not use the followings words in every other sentence: I couldn’t like inezz, even when we knew her whole back story, she just wasn’t the kind of character that I ijnxed warm up to, always waspish, bitting and some times very very mean.

Frannie is scared and scarred. I love that these characters are a little older and have real life experiences that have shaped and changed them.

To calm her sudden pulse rate, she blew out a quick breath. Since I liked her other book so uinxed. Nodding her acceptance, her cheeks heated.