Many books have been written about Joseph Smith. This one the result of Truman Madsen s deep love for the Prophet and years of research illuminates specific. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Truman G. Madsen received graduate degrees in philosophy and philosophy of religion from the University of Utah and . Joseph Smith the Prophet has ratings and reviews. Jake said: These lectures ought to be titled: Joseph Smith the Hero. By the time Madsen is do.

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As a tireless supporter of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, his works have inspired readers and listeners for decades. I’m grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith, his life, his sacrifices, his example, his faithfulness, and all the good tduman he brought into the world. Among his volumes on Mormon thought are: There is a veil over your eyes, for you could not endure to look upon Him.

Sep 16, David Barney rated it it was amazing. Maybe not as technical or prrophet depth as could be, but Truman Madsen excells because you can sense the love he has for the prophet wmith feel that he wants to share and instill the same for the prophet in the listener. The Prophet was not harmed by the experience; he was hallowed by it p. He was flawed just like any, but the Lord magnified him in magnificent ways.

Joseph Smith, the Prophet | BYU Studies

Thompson had a premature death, and he had to maesen at the funeral p. So much to love about this book! There are several little inaccuracies in the lectures, quotes that aren’t quite word for word, etc. Those ties were further strengthened again in as he was called by President David O.


The other part that I enjoyed is that the book is full of footnotes that expounds even further the dept of information Truman acquired. He sponsored several symposia fhe comparative religion published as Reflections on Mormonism, The Temple in Antiquity, and Chosenness and Covenant in Judaism and Mormonism.

Truman G. Madsen – BYU Speeches

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He truly changed the world by following the Lord. I loved learning things about the Prophet Joseph Smith I had never heard before. Hardcoverpages.

Joseph Smith, the Prophet

Jooseph Preview See a Problem? No man can come to a testimony of the prophetic mantle of the Prophet Joseph Smith without knowing that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One.

Joseph Smith the Prophet by Truman G. After a yearlong battle with that cancer, Madsen passed away in his home on May 28,at the age of This was a fantastic lecture series on the prophet.

My largest complaint is that this book wasn’t long enough, but given that it was initially a lecture series I suppose it’s a good length for that.

Madseb told them that they must come in purity, come having studied and pondered prayerfully the revelations given on the subject. Madsen is a philosopher, essayist, teacher and biographer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Many select an aspect of the Prophet’s spiritual career—his teachings, writings, revelations, or prophecies—or significant events, such as the vision or the martyrdom. The only problem with the CDs is that you do not have the gg available as you would in the book format.

Madsen is candid at times, especially about Joseph’s introduction of the practice of polygamy. I listened to the audio book, and the talks are original.


Feb 20, Kassie rated it it was amazing. If you are a non-reader like myself, then you will love this book on CD. Lorenzo Snow reported a day when someone came and asked Joseph it happened hundred [sic] of times’Who are you?

Power from Abrahamic Tests October 12, X.

This is a wonderful set of lectures about the Prophet, Joseph Smith. I loved his stories about Joseph’s humor, his amazing intelligence and love for his brethren. Add To Cart Cancel. Refresh and try again. Joseph Smith Lecture 1: In the book, readers may see a more accurate picture of who Joseph Smith was and gain a meritorious appreciation for the role he played and the many hardships he endured to accomplish his vital calling.

Thus when another volume about Joseph Smith appears, we need to ask where the volume fits on the shelf of studies of the Prophet and, then, what it contributes to an understanding of the young man whose brief earthly career now impacts the lives of more than seven million people. I can keep a secret till Doomsday. Every miracle that Christ performed, including the creation of the earth, was executed in harmony with eternal principles.

Though it would have been easy to give up, Madsen continued to apply himself and changed his course of action to study graduate-level philosophy at the University of Southern California. During this time he paved the way for groundbreaking interfaith work around the world as the Richard L. It is not a violation of law.