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Towards Lord Kumara with his Vel, and their wisdom, indeed is great!. Oh great yogis who practice and perfect the action, Where their eye sight concentrated on the tip of their nose, Where the air they breath tries to reach the Mooladhara, Where they breath slow and mind is kept under strict leash, Better than that would be would be sending your mind, Towards the feet of the Lord, who is consort of the forest Kurathi girl.

His father died soon after his birth and his mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions. Alas, you are destroying yourselves, what to do?.

She was very sad and said, “Oh brother, I am sorry that there is no money to give you today. Oh Nephew of Lord Vishnu who sleeps on Adhisesha, Who eats only air and does not have any legs whatsoever, Oh God who holds the red Vel, I was in a perennial trance, Dreaming on the sweet milk like pleasure given by ladies, And did not any method of salvation and so please, Give me your lotus like feet and also bless me.

Understanding the soft germination like Shiva YogaBy using your wisdom, and keeping the teachings, Of the teacher who has six faces and by serving him, Without any doubt you would get salvation. And when this is so, how can you ever get salvation?. Oh God, who has lotus like feet adorned by jingling anklets, Oh merciful one who saved the husband of Devi Sasi from death, Oh personification of wisdom who shines like the Sun God, The fate of death is not for me, because I have got to myself, Your peacock with dazzling feathers as well as your Vel.

When the sharp Vel from the hands of Muruga, Son of him who went in a decorated great chariot, And destroyed the three cities, just by his laugh, Split in to powder the mountain called Krouncha, And destroyed the great formation of the army of asurasIt managed to save the land of Indra, king of devas.

Oh great valorous Hero, who destroyed the mountain, Oh Lord Kumara who lives in the pretty Thiruthani, What harm have I done to Brahma who never falters in justice? Legends claim that Arunagiri was attracted to the pleasures of the flesh and spent his youth in pursuing a life of debauchery.

That Lord in his position of stability bereft of all desires, Taught me with his grace all that which can be told. For getting rid of worries of the mind and tiresomeness of body, I did not think of Muruga, neither I did, stand and salute him, I did not salute the soft feet wearing anklets.

Play in background 4. His sister always give whatever she earned to make his brother happy.

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When I forget all that I have learnt and when the relations, And people of my city cry loudly and when the five senses, Which have been with me for long have deserted alanaram, For me no one would give me succour than you. Oh holy one who by sending his Vel, made crows and hawks fight, Who made the ghosts dance in the battle field among the corpses, And who made blood to gush out of the mouths of bad Asuras, When would give salvation to this debased human being, Who mixed with men who did not think of you with love, And who did not utter your holy names with devotion?.

Drowning, melting, ebbing and twisting in the private parts of a pretty woman?.

Oh mind, the wealth like a fast river with lot of whirl pools, Runs without any botheration of the joy and sorrows of life, And when will you want to know the wisdom of equality of joy and sorrow?

Oh God who rides on the peacock, whose dance with its feathers, Touching up to alwngaram sky and which is much beyond our sight, Makes the eight mountain like elephants and eight mountains move, Please do come when the god of death riding on the Buffalo, Which can cut you tries to bind me with his rope. Log in Request account. This work was written by Sanit Arunagirinatha, the author of Thirupugazh, which is considered as one of the greatest poem collections praising Lord Subrahmanya.

Oh God with mountain like twelve arms ornamented with armlets, Who gets joy in tightly embracing the very pretty Devayanai, Who has dear to Iravatha who has fluid of exhuberation, Pillar like legs, pot like forehead, movement, fearlessness and warring instincts, Even though I have been born as a man, which is difficult to obtain, I have not learnt method of getting salvation by meditating and saluting your feet. There is one truth taught to me by the royal lord of Valli, Whose sweet words cannot be compared either to honey or syrup.

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Retrieved from ” http: Iandhar if I have amply drunk the alcohol of passionate love making, Offered by the prostitutes who speak words sweeter than sugar candy, And alangarm tired and weak, I would not ever forget your Vel even for a second, Oh soldier on the horseback who killed Soorapadma accompanied, By old ghosts who dance with sounds made from their drums, Such as Dun, Dun, Dudu Alangarzm, Dundu Dundu and Din, Din. His sister then said “Brother, if you need to have pleasure then please come sleep with me, tomorrow I will get you the money somehow”.

How did I get a hand which does not salute with love, Him who was the nephew of the one who built a dam in alangaaram sea with monkey army, And who is the son of Lord Shiva whose only ornaments are snake, And who was the Muruga kabdhar destroyed the very strong asuras, Who made such horrible noise that the world shouted in fear?.

Oh teacher with six faces, what shall I tell about your kindness, Which taught me the honey of happiness which was made by you, In your top peak of your alangagam, mixed with kandharr graceful pity, And made me, who was living in empty solitude, clear my thoughts.

It was suggested that bringing the Parijatha flower could only get sights back to the people. His father died soon after his birth and alangatam mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions.

kandhar alangaram

Oh God with six heads, the thunderous clap of your twelve hands, Broke the eight mountains in eight directions in to pieces, Made the mount Meru tremble and saved the devas, Oh God please take me, who dances with the idea that life in earth is everything, Alangafam who wanders all around due the aalangaram created by the trance, In to your grace and save me from these delusions.

Oh God of death, since my mind is perennially full of the thought of Muruga, Who not getting satiated by drinking milk from the six mothers of the group of stars, Also drank the milk of Goddess Parvathi, to get satiated, And his long sword worn on his hips, small sword held in his hands, And the Vel, please do not come near me and go away, Kandyar if you come I would even take your soul away.

So that the devas of heaven are saved, Please tell me what shall be done by me because, My mind prevents my five senses not think of your lotus like feet, Nor think about alantaram holy names, nor worship your feet with flowers. He was a devotee of Lord Muruga and worshipped the God at Vedapureeswarar temple at the sacred place known as Cheyyar on the oandhar of the Cheyyar River.

Fully Off-line No Internet needed Keywords: One day he demanded money from his sister, but unfortunately she had no money.

He who reads and understands, at knadhar one stanza out of hundred From the good book on Kanda called Kandar Alankaram, Would not be afraid of angry kings nor the fight with God of death, Would not be afraid of the horrible hell hole nor to bad diseases, Would not be afraid of tigers nor bears nor elephants. Arunagiri was born in Thiruvannamalai, a town in Tamil Nadu. It is a very good and pleasant act to praise And pray the nephew of the black Vishnu, Who is the leader of hunters who married The daughter of the red deer in a non ritual manner, Who holds the flag with the cock in his hands, Who is the one who saved the devas, By Killing Soorapadma who took the form of a mango tree Who armed himself with Vel, which is suitable for war, ,And who is the Velava of Thiruchengode With lots of young betel nut and mango trees.

Whenever I think of him at any time, the Lord Muruga. When we slowly and slowly start loving that Kumara, Who likes the breasts of the girl who guards the maize fields, We alagnaram get in our mind the divine and great pleasure, And as soon I tasted the sweetness that is spread by the great pleasure, Suddenly to me the sweet sugarcane was salty and sweet honey bitter.


While the sound of the right spheroid conch of lord Vishnu With the scent of the soil and Who created Lord Brahma from his belly, Was heard in all scented gardens and ponds in the heaven, The jingling sound made by the bells tied to the pretty waist, Of the young Kumara who powdered strong mountains with his Vel, Was heard in all the corners the fourteen different worlds.

How did I get to have a head which does not bow to feet of Skanda, Who as a teacher alangarak me in to his folds, blessed me, With the perennial pleasure of salvation after leaving, This house of mine built by only flesh and also bones, And also of the one who melts in kandhqr of the snake like, Private parts of Valli who was a daughter of a Kaurava tribe.?.

After breaking open the sky of the land of Brahma who sits on his lotus, After catching hold of the world of Indra, you who fought like a he elephant, And were extremely fearsome to Soorapadma who was ruling it like a tyrant, Please order the red flowered Kadamba flowers and my mind to suit your holy feet.

Best application for daily practicing devotional Chants for kids – offline. Had this be known to my lord who used his Vel, To make the ocean ebbing with tides shout in sorrow, And also to make the golden coloured Krouncha mountain weep, He would then definitely chain Lord Brahma for the second time. Oh those of you who perish, If you help, Those who come and beg from you like, The grace of Lord Muruga who sent his Vel, At the roaring sound making ocean with gems, Would come in search of you but would, The gold saved without giving any alms, The ornamental house of yours and your pretty wife, Come as a help to you in the way after your death?.

Oh mind, please tell the name of Shanmuga, who is the Lord of Valli, Who was born to a very small dear kandhr the hill slopes, Where the male elephants play with the female elephants, And daily give at least one fist alangaraj rice to those who want it, And then eat whatever rice is remaining because, This body which is an illusion will not even be, A fist of ash, when it is burnt after death.

Kandjar on a peacock [3] which runs faster then the horse, who churns the guts of Asuras Due to speed generated because of its stirrup which is tightly held, And which is constantly beaten by the whip, And the wind generated by the movement of the wings of that peacock Moves the Meru Mountain and the marching steps of that peacock, Powders the mountains in all eight directions which sprayed dust, And which turned even kanfhar oceans in to hills of dust.

He used kanehar get money from his sister kanehar time to go to devadasi’s.

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Oh King who made a hole in the forehead of cruel Sura PadmaWhich made him loose all his strength and also made, Hot blood flow in the battle field and helped the devas, To regain their town of Amaravathi from him, When will I be able get alahgaram in the ghats of devotion, And take bath in the sea of divine happiness and bliss, And as a result my waves of wisdom clears my confused mind?. Oh guard who has the Vel, in the war with Soorapadma, In the tank of blood oozing out of the chests of ghosts and asurasYou jumped, drowned and drank and encouraged the devas, To play in the battle field by sending your Vel, And so please help me to remove the trance of ignorance, In me, who is living in this world full of dishonesty and aoangaram, Which have tied me by foolish deeds and which make me sad.

The Muruga who was the teacher to the god with fully open hairs, Who took the hide of the mountain like elephant with one trunk and two tusks, And wore it as a dress for himself and also burnt the three cities, The Muruga who has the holy Vel as weapon and was the god of death, To the Soorapadma and clan of asuras told me not live in body with five bhuthas, But asked me to live in a house which no man knows without words and senses.