Title, La Epopeya del Morro Volume 10 of La Literatura Peruana · [La literatura peruana. año 1. vol. ] Author, José Santos Chocano. Publisher, Imprenta y. Get this from a library! La epopeya del Morro: poema americano. [José Santos Chocano]. La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano) by José Santos Chocano · La epopeya del Morro: (Poema americano). by José Santos Chocano. Print book.

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In this fight the old Peruvian Commander died along with several officers and more than 1, men. However, Chocano’s style is difficult to classify exactly, since it is epopeyq diverse and copious, for instance some experts state that his writing is nearer to the romanticism that to modernism; while others, like the American critic, Willis Knapp Joneshave denominated Chocanos’ work as “novomundista”, i.

After the battle of Tacna, Col.

On 26 May, the Army of Mprro Operations conclusively defeated an allied army of 10, in the outskirts of Tacna. East, North and South. Morrp museum is without a doubt one of the main expositions of the history of Peru, enabling us to understand all of the work that made the great defenders of our country protect its ideals at the cost of their own lives. The targets were the three main defenses of the city: Chocano interacted with major Spanish poets, as well as statesmen from many different regimes, where he was treated as a poet laureate.

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Retrieved from ” https: The defenders were very quickly defeated. The Singer of Americas. On the other hand, there are lots of parts of the house that have started to be restored bit by bit to be able to house each of the relics that are found here. The answer is that this house belonged to Francisco Bolognesiwhich is why it was converted into a museum.


Although the remains of Francisco Bolognesi are in this cemetery, inside the house you will find an urn containing the ashes of heroic militants who found and died on the 7th June Here is another photograph where you can see the pans and the household furniture better: They abused their numbers, playing with their corvos and bayonets; they were as blind as raging bulls; I have no words Visitando el Museo de los combatientes del Morro de Arica Italiano: The East fort would be attacked by the 4th Line Regiment.

A Chilean cavalry vanguard captured the engineer Teodoro Elmore, who was to blow up the railroads captured by the Chileans in Lluta. Flickriver needs JavaScript to work properly. I hope this information has been useful to you and thank you very much for reading these articles! The defenders were overrun and annihilated. I want to create my Erasmus blog! Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Battle of Arica

The defensive batteries at the cape were divided into three groups: Some other high-ranking Peruvian officers who also perished were Colonel Alfonso Ugarte who, mirro a heroic act, drove his horse off the cliff down into the Pacific Ocean to prevent the capture of the Peruvian flag by Chilean forcesand Colonel Mariano Bustamantehis Chief of Detail.

Has to be performed on the run. The city of Arica never returned to Peruvian hands. In the Library Request this item to view in dfl Library’s reading rooms using your library card. Clickr on one of the buttons below to install: What do you think? The feat of capturing the port was impressive, but it was marred by the lack of Chilean control over the assaulting troops which led to a widespread killing of the surviving and surrendering Peruvian soldiers and the citizens of the captured city, which was then looted.


La Epopeya del Morro – José Santos Chocano – Google Books

Lagos’ pleas fell on deaf ears when Bolognesi replied that he would fulfill his duties until he had fired his last shot. Epoeya the action of the officers prevented a total annihilation of the Peruvian troops. Rafael Vargas captured Engineer Teodoro Elmore, from whom they obtained the location of the landmines scattered around the city. On 1 June, Chilean troops led by Cmdnt. Lima Campaignwhich concluded with the fall of the Peruvian capital city seven months later.

I admit that reading this type of phrase evokes a lot of feeling and the bravery from Francisco Bolognesi, undoubtedly somebody worth of being considered a national hero of Peru. After suffering heavy losses at the battle at Tacna, the Chilean command realized the need of a port in the area to resupply the troops and to evacuate the wounded. This stronghold was taken by the 4th Line Regiment, also outnumbering and obliterating the defenders in a frontal charge.

A little statue of Francisco Bolognesi Francisco Bolognesi is a well-known character in Peruvian edl.

Born in Lima, Peru, Chocano was admitted to the National University of San Marcos at the early age of 14 years [1] After a short term in jail for political activism, he relocated to Madrid in the early 20th century. Chocano was a very prolific poet, who also wrote epic and lyric poems. In the room you will find the uniforms that belonged to him.

Pierola’s deputy, Del Solar, sent Col. Archived from the original on 26 October