In both Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga, damage is done through the TAS (Tactical Arts System). Rather than merely pressing a button to execute a. Arts are combos that result in a special move being used during battle. To learn new Hyper or Super Arts, simply use the correct attack combination. Arts are the best way to win battles in Legend of Legaia. As your AP bar increases in size you will be able to perform better Arts. You must find the elemental.

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Additionally, the Mystic Art will not be performed if any commands other than the 7 needed are inputted into the Arts bar.

For example, even if the spells are at the same level, Vahn’s fire Seru are more powerful than Noa’s. Tough Love is especially effective on Seru. The player can uncover each character’s Arts by experimentation, or through non-player characters throughout the game who reveal Arts to the characters. They are similar to normal Arts in the sense that they will just be a motley assortment of punches and kicks if you don’t have enough AP. Some I found on my own, some were told to me by others.

Legend of Legaia Combos

Or print out this walk-through, of course. Duel Saga, Super Arts are still more powerful xrts normal Arts, yet the first one is taught automatically through a tutorial and learned before Hyper Arts.

If you have room for 5 attacks, you could do a five-hit combo or two three-hit combos. Arts can be learned by trying out different combinations of moves in battle. Congratulations, you now have the Legendary Rod.


Certain strings of attacks initiate combos known as “Arts,” which deal substantially more damage than would a non-combo string of comparable length. String combos together by making sure the last move of the first combo is the first move of the next one, and make sure you have enough Llegend for both moves. Supposedly, you obtain the Water Egg by fishing up a lot of points in the fishing hole near Buma. The biggest fish I’ve seen it haul up lately is points, if you can do better e-mail me PROOF sorry, no honors system.

Legend of Legaia Art Move List for PlayStation by Lord Foul – GameFAQs

These are not recorded on the Arts Lists, so you should either memorize them or write them down. They are horrendously expenisive AP-wise, but the damage dealt is generally worth it.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Arts legai be learned by trying out different combinations of moves in battle. They generally cost more AP than normal, and there are only three for each character, with a total of nine overall.

Tactical Arts System

I fixed a couple of Art names and moved some that were in the wrong category. If you simply have criticism, don’t bother, I don’t really care what you think, and afts you don’t like me, go read a different walk-through. Hyper Arts are learned by obtaining and using special Books for the three Ra-Seru.

You can trade them for the Earth Ra-Seru Egg. In the Beginner Course, you fight with weapons, armor, Ra-Seru, accessories, and magic, but your item list is inaccessible.

If you simply have criticism, don’t bother, I don’t legaoa care what you think, and if you don’t like me, go read a different walk-through.


Rather than merely pressing a button to execute a physical attack, the player specifies the elgaia of each attack; ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ will strike with the right and left arms, respectively, and ‘High’ and ‘Low’ strike at their respective heights.

If you win, you get the War God Icon, which is a very good item, but you can still get another item in the Dome Each direction has its own pros and cons, depending upon the opponent and weapons equipped. Check between the two beds on the first floor for a tackle box. Hyper Arts cannot be linked from another art, yet they can begin their own links.

Tactical Arts System | Legaia Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

His attack is called Dark Eclipse. Mule Deep Avalanche MP: Therefore, it is also the hardest to get. Jedo is an instant death spell that targets all enemies. Log In Sign Up.

These books are generally either easy to find in treasure chests they’re usually out in the open or obtained by defeating bosses. Equipping this lowers your encounter rate and gives you access to Evil Seru Magic.

Tell me if you guys and girls think I should write a real everything-I-know step-by-step walkthrough. They are obtained as follows. Just Tough Love them, kill any other enemies sometimes the charmed enemy will helpthen just beat on it until it gets absorbed.