Also known as:* Legendele Clanului Otori* Opowieści rodu Otori* Leyendas de los Otori* Leyenda Otori* Opowieści rodu Otori* Der Clan Der Otori* Kl. This new epic trilogy set in feudal Japan has already become a best-selling sensation, earning comparisons to The Lord of the Rings. It begins with the legend of. Rol de los Samurái en la Época. Leyendas de los Otori: “El Suelo del Ruiseñor” Resumen: “El suelo del Ruiseñor” Mundo literario de la novela.

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Takeo seeks sanctuary at Terayama, where he is attacked by Akio and Hisao. Shelve Grass for His Pillow, Episode 2: Tales of the Otori Series. Shelve Across the Nightingale Floor. Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn. Despite installing Shigeko leyeneas Lady Maruyama and winning over the Emperor, his army is forced to battle the Emperor’s general, Lord Saga, while Zenko raises an army in alliance with the western barbarians.

Shelve Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 2: Dee was born as Tomasu in Mino, a small village that houses amongst its people, leuendas outcasts referred to as the “Hidden”. They are renowned for their changing faces; as such, they are skilled as spies. This prequel begins about 17 years before the start of the trilogy, and ends at Takeo and Shigeru’s meeting that begins Across the Nightingale Floor.

Book 2 part 1. Retrieved from ” https: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Most of the information that exists on the Tribe was secretly compiled by Otori Shigeru with the help of Muto Shizuka. They are very traditional in their thinking and do not want to let peace succeed throughout the three countries.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Takeo is torn between conflicting obligations: They are frequently employed as spies and assassins by various institutions within the Three Countries. Heaven’s Net is Wide by Lian Hearn.



Leyendxs story is told primarily in first-person narrative by Otori Takeo. After Muto Kenji dies, leyendaw loyalty of the Tribe clans to Takeo starts to wane. Controversy surrounded Shizuka’s appointment as head of the clan, firstly because she was a woman, and secondly because she was appointed by Otori Takeo and not by the family.

At the crucial moment Hisao freezes; Akio takes the gun, which explodes in his hands, killing himself and fatally wounding Maya. The Muto have strong links with the Otori and believe that the Tribe should change in the future.

In a note by leyeendas author, she states that there is no conversion between Christian Era dates, and the years in the Novels: Shelve Across the Nightingale Floor, Episode 1: Sixteen years later, Takeo is ruler of the Three Countries, and has three daughters: The Sword of the Warrior.

Little is known about the nature otork the Tribe, and the organization is rarely employed with complete trust. They possess some of the gifts of the greater clans, and a characteristic practicality which makes them superb assassins e. Otori Shigemori perishes, but Jatothe otork sword finds its way to his son Shigeru, via a member of the Tribe, Muto Kenji.

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. They are the pre-eminent tribal family leyendws Tohan territory. Takeo is rescued by Otori Shigeru, a young Lord of the Otori Clan which has a long-standing rivalry with the Tohan, and led back to the Otori stronghold of Hagi. He was killed later by Kikuta Kotaro when he had refused to fight him because of the Hidden’s religion and the vow he made to never kill again after he married Takeo’s mother.

English Choose a language for shopping. Takeo, acknowledging that it is his time, holds a knife in Hisao’s hand and falls upon it, ensuring the prophecy of his death is fulfilled.


Shigeru is betrayed and killed, Iida ultimately perishes at Kaede’s hand after attempting to rape her, and the country is overrun by the army of Arai Daiichi. Book 2 part 2. Since that time the Tribe have retained these abilities through dedication and training. It was said that many of the Kikuta gifts were dying out, which was why the Tribe desired Takeo’s talents so much.

The following Chronology can be used for internal comparisons, but does not relate to any external dating system. The epic conclusion to the bestselling Tales of t… More. Tales of the Otori is a series of historical fantasy novels by Gillian Rubinsteinwriting under the pen name Lian Hearn, set in a fictional world based on feudal Japan. Book 3 part 2. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Frustrated by his father’s indecision and his uncle’s obscure motives, he takes a band of warriors to the border with the Tohan, and discovers a village of the Hidden, tortured and killed by the Tohan.

When Kaede arrives at Shirakawa, she learns her s… More. The Sword of the Warrior by Lian Hearn. Later, the novel covers his brief turbulent marriage, leyendax relationship with the courtesan Akane, and the battle of Yaegahara. Shelve Grass for His Pillow, Episode 1: Unfortunately for the Tribe, the abilities they possess are being lost with new generations, possibly due letendas inbreeding depression.

El suelo del ruiseñor: Leyendas de los Otori I

The Noguchi betray them, ensuring the Otori defeat, and victory for Iida Sadamu. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. View topic – Chronology.