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In fact, it may degrade the performance because the O2’s transient response compensation has been optimized for the NJM The datasheets should yield accurate numbers for those interested. The peak levels dayasheet music generally fall as the frequency rises.

I would suggest using the op amp the DAC manufacture suggests or uses in their reference design. NwAvGuy April 2, at 9: So most of my evaluation was limited to what Mouser stocks.

This is to make sure that the amp does not oscillate dataheet feedback is applied.

【LM4580 NSC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Used in high gain critical applications the rules can be different. Single or Dual — The crosstalk between sections of dual op amps designed for audio use is typically better than — dB. Thanks b0ck3n, I didn’t make Wednesday even datashfet my time zone this time.

And even then Johnson noise could still dominate so both would perform roughly the same. It also can allow larger resistor values without excessive DC offset. Ideally look for a THD graph at 2K or less with some gain. The LM and its siblings, in any headphone or DAC application I can imagine, should match any of the elite parts above.


Even if you use the much more stringent —80 dB threshold of 0. Deasily derived. The output stages are much less critical as unity gain buffers. Comments may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to be approved.

Evaluating only by ear, when they hear differences, they’re strongly biased ,m4580 perceive them as improvements.

Furthermore, the paper analyzes the influence of thewhen we talked about reluctance: You can plainly see the entire noise floor is about 3 dB higher than the graph above: NwAvGuy November 5, at 4: NwAvGuy October 20, at 2: Try Findchips PRO for lm spice.

But of course this is a logical fallacy appeal to authority to some extent so I was wondering what you think. Anyone who thinks they know more about op amp applications than the guys designing the op amps is very likely mistaken. The following op amp deserves its own category: Op amps with FET inputs are typically noisier in many audio applications.

If stability with OPA is datashedt issue, one idea is to wrap the output resistor inside the feedback loop to reduce output resistance, fa-schmidt at headwize reported good results using a 47 Ohm resistor, however I am not too sure how the math translates into the actual output impedance seen by the headphones.

If I were to design an amp around these, would it be necessary to use two s for output buffering? Unique Advantages — For those who prefer discrete designs over op amps, I refer you to Q9 in the small snippet to the above right.

And the Mini3 is borderline unstable as can be seen with the 4 Mhz ringing in my scope captures. The result might have poor transient response as it’s now under-compensated.


NwAvGuy: Op Amp Measurements

Vout a9 xfmr spice llc converter spice model. I’m not saying their units sound any better than any number of other DACs that measure well datsheet the “it matters” point, but their heroic engineering and Swiss precision are worth the price in the same sense that a Patek justifies a premium over a Rolex. For example the third harmonic of 8 Khz is 24 Khz and would be rejected by the analyzer.

The measurement is at the headphone output into ohms at full volume. Anonymous Datasheey 19, at The only thing that would cause a problem would be high frequency instability might cause a rising HF response.

Pardon the Anon status, I’m browsing over a public terminal and the usual cautiousness applies The O2 is a low impedance application and the current noise will likely dominate but both have to be considered along with the Johnson noise. And, perhaps more important, the NJM uses significantly less power and has significantly less noise. The approval process is necessary to prevent obscenity, etc.

LM Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Doug Self, who also tested it in some similar configurations, seems less concerned. But datasgeet O2 solves these issues in other ways so FETs are generally more of a liability if accuracy is the goal. Have you looked on eBay? In reality, datasheeg most headphone gear, there are lots of op amps that will perform nearly identically as long as they’re used correctly.

Also, only 50 fit in a tube. They offer no advantage over the above parts and are often much worse: