Using Correlation in LoadRunner scripts – visual tutorial. Today, I will explain – what is LoadRunner correlation and how to perform it. This is what we call correlation in Load runner. If you make session id. An example is shown below. loadrunner tutorial correlation session id. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

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I explained tuyorial in the article – re-record your script twice and compare. Here we can enable or disable the subset of rules for the technology. Very brilliant language used. LoadRunner VuGen scripting – How to automatically There is the scheme for this interaction: I followed the blog and created a regular expression with multiple capturing groups. Could you please explain how to do it? Now we know, where server sends both dynamic values.

LoadRunner – Manual Correlation

I suspect that our tutorial may be a bit misleading in this case. The differences are highlighted by yellow.

The scope of the search-where to search for the delimited data. Quality and Testing Security Security Research.

There will be comments inserted, so that it will be easier for you to see where all the correlations have been made. It helped me with my questions about correlation. Boundary parameters are case-sensitive.


So, instead of hard-coded values, LR script should process dynamic data, returned from server. It can lead to incorrect results. Dimitry, Thanks very much for such a good example. The problem occurs when I try to execute my recorded script. Can you help me out sheetal sheetal gmail. The length of a sub-string of the found value, from the specified offset, to save to the parameter. Anshoo, I’m glad, that this article helped to you: You will then see the correlation made in the script. Manual correlation is a choice of real LoadRunner engineer.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

LoadRunner Correlation with web_reg_save_param_regexp

As for me, I prefere to correlate values from a source code of server response. And we found the step, that returns these values. On the right-hand side, you can see the rules which will detect tutoiral candidates for correlation e. I hope, I provided simple and understandable explanation of LoadRunner correlation. The possible values are ALL or a number.

Correlation comment – Do not change! If the boundary is not found, it sets the parameter count to 0 and continues executing the script. OK, I click “No” btn.

February 5, Reply. Believe me this is going to be a pretty busy site for performance Engineers. I tried learning correlation from various sources but the information provided here is best!! Manual Correlation in LoadRunner For Manual correlation, you need to perform the correlation yourself.

Hi Dmitry, Thanks for over simplified explanations on correlation. I recommend to not replace all occurrences of dynamic value. Also the example given is perfect, including all do’s and dont’s In order for Automatic Correlation to work, you need to ensure Rules Scan is marked as checked. It really very helpful. Since this article was published more than one year ago, I’ve just disabled an adding of new comments for the article.


The general steps in performing manual correlation is given below Understand how the value to be replaced is constructed.

We have just correlated our script and it is working now! A snippet of how a manual correlation is shown below, where you yourself would need to determine what is the parameter name and parameter value to be inserted into the script. Everything is described perfectly.

The default is 0.

Solved: LR tutorial Question (Correlation Studio) – Micro Focus Community

Actually, if you didn’t correlated LR script, you can face problems with authorizations, also some resources pages, files can be unavailable and server can return HTTP error. Thanks for ur information. You can also add more applications or custom rules by clicking on New Rule button.