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Multiple links are listed since a different versions exist and b many scripts posted become unavailable over time.

And that Manischewitz Grapevine Wine spills in your ear and tells you you got a sure thing and what’s worse is you start to believe it At Ieast that’s how it went with old Max who wasn’t so much old as he was tired Tired of being a dog without a day Tired of waking up and finding that his dreams were only dreams We’re leaving.

What about the other two? Nobody says I have to kill you quick. Give me the post-game. No you didn’t say you were a coroner. Relegated to the past tense.


Could someone tell me why I’m in the van? This money’s gonna get you through Harvard. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. I’d say you’re fucked. What went down in the men’s room?

It’s not something people hear about. I’m just going to get us some coffee.


The two of you killed everything I ever loved. You got some ID? This particular one has been over twenty years in the making. Now that’s a story.

Texto: Lucky Number Slevin” Script

From Benny’s book Goes by the name of Nick Fisher. So Iet me see if I’ve got this right.

Kansas City Shuffle is. Slwvin Seven horse tenth race – ring a bell? Gonder hit a groundball between first and second but he’s so slow second baseman Did you get all that from the radio? Guy says he can’t complain then all he does is fuckin’ complain.

Lucky Number Slevin Script | Movie Catcher Script Finder

All right if your ma asks where were we today? It’s a condition characterized by freedom from worry or any other pre-occupation really.


And then I was free to come and go as I pleased Hm? Nick Slevin, Clark Kent He set you up. I thought to myself maybe it means something Then again maybe it’s just a coincidence name’s gotta come from someplace – right? A comic strip I liked as a boy. You must be Mr Fisher. The Shmoo was a loveable creature really.

Lucky Number Slevin Script

They had to bring in a specialist to do the kid cos nobody would take the job What have you done with my son? I just realised something. In that case how about the 20 Gs What have you done with my son?

Sure find the bottom half of the jaw then all we need to do is find out who the dentist was. Cops in men’s rooms. I remember The Rabbi well. Christmas came early this year baby. I’ve got at least