The de Divinatione appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for. An English translation. The complete work is onsite. Part of a large site on ancient Rome and classical Antiquity. Guillaumont (F.) Le De divinatione de Cicerón et les théories antiques de . Cicerone, Della divinazione (Milan, ); G. Freyburger and J. Scheid. (edd., trans.

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But if true visions are divine while the false and meaningless ones are from nature, diginatione sort of caprice decided that God made the one and nature made the other, rather than that God made them all, which your school denies, or that nature made them all? Duo sunt enim divinandi genera quorum alterum artis est alterum naturae. Besides what is more stupid than to excite the souls of dvinatione with false and lying visions? Finally, what is there about a sparrow to suggest ‘years’? And though these tardy signs were long delayed, Their fame and glory will for ever live.

The prerogative century — or the one which voted first at the election — had its rogatoror president, who collected the votes; and the entire assembly, made up of all the electors voting by centuries, had its rogatorusually the consul who received the reports cjcerone the subordinate presidents. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

LacusCurtius • Cicero — de Divinatione

Ebbe una dittatura straordinaria nel 49 col principale compito di indire le elezioni consolari nelle quali egli stesso fu eletto console per il If knowledge of a remedy for disease were conveyed by means of dreams, knowledge of the arts just mentioned would also be given by dreams.

Hence, while he takes a roundabout way to destroy the gods, he does not hesitate to take a short road to destroy divination. Are they things that are perceived by the senses? Nor would he be able to give men so many advices by thunderbolts as to what they should or should not do.


Furthermore, why was this man given so obscure an intimation as that contained in the fancied resemblance between an egg and a treasure, instead of being as plainly directed as Simonides was when he was bidden not to go on board the ship? The arguments against divination are amazingly constructed and Cicero is a very sarcastic and funny writer.

No one regards the things before his feet, But views with care the regions of the sky. Furthermore, my dear Cratippus — for my controversy is with you — if that argument of yours is sound, don’t you see that it is equally available in behalf of the means of divination practised by soothsayers, augurs, Chaldeans and by interpreters of lightnings, portents, and lots?

Physicians, for example, although they know many times that their patients are going to die of a present disease, yet never tell them so; for a forewarning of an evil is justified only when to the warning is joined a means of escape. And yet, if Fate had willed divniatione, he would not have escaped that calamity; and vice versa. Consider, for example, what Priam’s life would have been if he had known from youth what dire events his old age held in store for him!

But at that time they did crow and they had not yet been victorious. Political De Imperio Cn.

Djalil Gacem added it Sep 07, Of course as a diviner this book poses serious challenges to my beliefs that A really amazing book by Cicero discussing divination. Eclipses of the sun and also of the moon are predicted for many years in advance by men who employ mathematics in studying the courses and movements of the heavenly bodies; and the unvarying laws of nature will bring cicdrone predictions to pass.

De Divinatione (Element Classics)

For what could the Etruscan soothsayers have known, either as to whether the tabernaculum had been properly placed, or as to whether the regulations pertaining to the pomerium had been observed? Con Cesare la situazione si era ormai capovolta. Trivia About De Divinatione. Now that the minor premise is denied the conclusion fails. Riccardo Savoldo rated it liked it Oct 17, How could the observations have continued for a long time?


LacusCurtius • Cicero — De Divinatione: Book II

Are not the natural philosophers ashamed to utter such nonsense? Then they make another assumption: Laura Madalina rated it really liked it Oct 12, As for that Greek sailor, is it strange if, in the extremity of his fear, he, as most people do in such cases, lost his courage, reason, and self-control? But when they have come into that sign of the Zodiac under which someone is born, or into a sign having some connexion with or accord with the natal sign, they form what vicerone called a ‘triangle’ or ‘square.

And when, diivinatione of the weariness of the body, the soul can use neither the limbs nor the senses, it lapses into varied and untrustworthy visions, which emanate from what Aristotle terms ‘the clinging remnants of the soul’s waking acts and thoughts. For was there ever anyone like him?

Cicero on Divination

Itaque ut alia nos melius multa quam Graeci, sic huic praestantissimae rei nomen nostri a divis, Graeci, ut Plato interpretatur, a furore duxerunt. You spoke of a mule divinatioe a colt. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. If, perchance, the liver’s head should be wanting they regard it as the most unpropitious sign that could have happened.

He would have it that ‘phantoms’ emanate from material bodies and from actual forms. But what is it that has been observed in the case of lightnings? Rolando rated it liked it Dec 25, Lola Khattou is currently reading it Nov 15, The thicker the border, the more information.

Erica rated it really liked it Feb 26,