Thank you for purchasing a Futaba FHSS 3PL GHz system. This system is based on the combination of the newly developed GHz transmitter. : FUTABA 3PL MCCR / S set G (drift specifications) Toys & Games. FEATURES: Special mixing includes 4WS for crawlers or brake mixing on 1/5 scale requiring front and; INCLUDES: Futaba 3PL GHz FHSS Transmitter with .

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. I have a Futaba 3PL – 2. The 3PL wheel is larger and I prefer the bigger size. Make all adjustments to the radio control system with the engine not running, or the electric motor disconnected.

Futaba 3PL GHz Radio With RGF Receiver

If the engine is running or the motor is connected while adjustments are made, the model may run out of control. Use only genuine Futaba parts and components listed in the in- struction manual and catalog. Both are slower than my Sanwa MT-4S, but are certainly reasonable and will work fine for most drivers. They use variations of the FHSS standard. Check the brake side backward movement when changes are made. Connections when an E. You will never get fuhaba full time out of it and it will be tricky when the low battery level is reached.

If after you have followed the suggestions listed the problem is not corrected, return the system to our service department for inspection and repair. 3p bashing or crawling, ftaba 3PL features could be useful. Racers Tip When you install a servo, always check to be sure the servo is at its neutral position. Connects to Motor Connects to Battery E.

If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your country, and not the authorized Futaba distributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met. Prior to operation always perform a range test.


Futaba 3pl 2.4ghz FHSS Radio System

Don’t have an account? When adjustments are made futxba the trims, recheck dutaba installation for maximum travel. In order to start operation, the receiver must be linked with the ID code of the transmitter with which it is being paired. Page of 28 Go. Racers Tip When using an electronic speed control, set the throttle trim to neutral and make adjustments to the speed control.

When Requesting Repair While this manual has been carefully written, there may be inadvertent errors or omissions. Use this function to adjust the steering travel of your model. Storage And Disposal Safety Precautions Make all adjustments to the radio control system with the engine not running, or the electric motor disconnected.

For the trigger, the 3PL has a much lighter spring — the Sanwa is quite stiff, although the trigger fits closer to your hand. On the plus side, the Futaba has a pretty sturdy shape and is probably more resistant to drops and getting jostled around in your tools bag.

The plastics quality seems equal.

The Sanwa comes with a waterproof albeit bulkier receiver, and the Futaba comes with a pretty nice 4 channel receiver that is a little slimmer and cleaner. If you accidentally futava too far, you have to cycle through the whole menu again to get back to where you were. This function reverses the rotation direction of Channel-4 Servo Reverse the channel-4 servo.

Trim Operation and Travel Trim adjustments will affect the overall servo travel. Alkaline AA’s are 1. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Find More Posts by mushroomed. True, once I have used 4 eneloops as well in my 4GRS but again 4 cel nimh has a normal rutaba of 4. Steering neutral adjustments can be made by moving the Steering trim knob to the left or right.


If unreasonable force is applied to the servo, the servo may be damaged and result in loss of control. This is pretty typical pricing for radios in this range, the Spektrum DX4C retails for a bit more but comes with AVC and 4 channel control.

Overall, I have to give the edge to the MX-V. Once the link is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and 3pp further linking is necessary unless the receiver needs to be used with another transmitter.

The Futaba is heavier, at g vs. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Originally Posted by mushroomed. I am more of a racer, and precision and feel are very important to me as well as the expo function. The Futaba has a large LCD display tutaba cycles through the various adjustments every time you press the function button.

Originally Posted by Grizzbob. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If your system fails to operate or you experience a short range futabw or erratic control, check the table below for possible causes. Futaga they are definitely in the affordable range if you look for coupons and sales.

When trim movement is extreme If you use most of the trim movement to get the servo to the neutral position, recenter the servo horn closer to the neutral position and inspect your throttle linkage.

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