This is the Futaba 7C Ghz FASST airplane radio system with a RFS receiver, and four S Servos. The 7C sits squarely in the middle. Home · Radios; Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Image 1. Loading . : Futaba 7C GHz Heli Tx/Rx Only: Toys & Games.

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Anyone with basic computer radio experience will find it very intuitive. The power switch is situated well away from the trims. I love My 7C. Assign it to a switch and push the set button. The 7C is trainer compatible with the current Futaba transmitter line.

Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. The Futaba 7C system supports 3 user programmable mixes. It shares most of the same software menus, and if you have the 7C you will feel right at home with your new system.

Universal style connectors will insert without modification. Jun 04, This system also supports dual receiver setups for larger models. This review model included the Futaba Digital S servos. This full range futaab comes packed with reliability and advanced programing features! I felt completely locked into the model at all times.

Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System – AeroMicro

I trust it futana. The 7C has 6 switches, four are two position, one is three position, and the other is spring loaded and futaa for training. It is important to note that you can use nearly any modern 3 wire servos you wish. Placing the antenna at the end of the coaxial cable allows proper positioning of the small antennas. You can assign what channel the second servo for flaperon is located on channel 5, 6 or 7.


I did not encounter any range or transmission issues even at substantial visual limits.

Receiver compatibility includes the following models:. Easy Link enables great protection from other devices on the 2. The gimbals have firm spring tension my preferenceand the sticks have heavy knurling on the knob tops.

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz Helicopter Radio System with the R617FS FASST 7-Channel Receiver and No Servos.

For data storage, the transmitter uses flash memory to fuyaba your model data settings if the NiCad main pack is removed. Also flown to limits of eyesight vertically and horizonally.

I love the spring loaded switch for throttle cut. The stick gimbals and switches are comfortably placed. The Futaba systems wisely uses a small link button for this process rather than using a separate plug.

This looks like THE 2. The switches and buttons are very well labeled and are easy to actuate.

Futaba 7C GHz Heli w/RFS Receiver (Mode 2)

7 great support feature in training mode is the ability of the student transmitter to control mixes on the master transmitter. Simply press and hold 7d jog dial and power on the transmitter. You can set that value high, and each click is a great deal of trim change. To select menus you simply rotate the dial and press to select! I Fly the 7c 72mhz and want to upgrade to this as I know its programming all ready.


It also supports using airborne voltage as a fail-safe indicator at 3. Optimal configuration for the antennas is at 90 degree angles to each other to reduce the possibility of signal shadowing.

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz Heli w/R617FS Receiver (Mode 2)

This feature is welcome when flying a new airplane. This transmitter and receiver package came factory linked right out of the box. Another key feature in my book is a flight timer. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. All of these processes were completely transparent to me and they provided the rock solid flight connections I experienced between the transmitter and the model.

Jan 15, I have flown the 7C with a number of different models from 8oz foamies to large club models. This all new system is a dedicated 2.