Learn about the veterinary topic of Guttural Pouch Disease in Horses. Find specific details on this topic Guttural Pouch Mycosis. Guttural pouch mycosis, horse. Guttural pouch empyema. Trostle SS(1), Rantanen NW, Nilsson SL, Oman DD, Cranney GC. Author information: (1)San Luis Rey Equine Hospital, Holly Ln . J Am Vet Med Assoc. Dec 1;(11) Empyema of the guttural pouch (auditory tube diverticulum) in horses: 91 cases (). Judy CE(1).

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Guttural Pouch Empyema – WikiVet English

First Walk is guttufal Us! What is Guttural Pouch Empyema? Horses with persistent nasal discharge should be examined endoscopically for guttural pouch empyema.

This can be costly to a client because lavaging the guttural pouches requires hospitalization mean hospitalization time for horses was 8 days in one study, although the range was 1 to days 11 or repeated visits to the farm.

These structures are large air filled sacs, positioned on either side of the neck, below the ear of the horse. Acquiring opposite lateral radiographs has been pohch to avoid general anesthesia.

Irrigating the guttural pouch requires sedation of the horse to maintain restraint and keep the head low to encourage drainage of the contaminated guttural pouch fluid from the nostrils and prevent aspiration pneumonia. Right A and left B retropharyngeal swelling in a foal with bilateral guttural pouch empyema.

Empyema of the guttural pouch (auditory tube diverticulum) in horses: 91 cases (1977-1997).

Extended neck carriage can also be observed A,B. Clinical Techniques in, Equine Practice v.


To perform this, a flexible biopsy instrument passed through the biopsy channel of the endoscope or a Chamber’s catheter is necessary.

The nasal discharge often persists with antimicrobial treatment alone. This page has been accessed 16, times. The present report describes a 2-month-old foal which signs of respiratory infectious disease, bilateral retropharyngeal swelling and nasal mucopurulent discharge, suggesting guttural pouch empyema. Alternatively, a retention catheter can be made using an 8- or Fr polypropylene male dog urinary catheter 17 or polyethylene guttuural 18 FIGURE 6or a commercially available guttural poucb catheter can be used.

Primary bilateral guttural pouch empyema in a two-month-old foal

This infection causes the membranes guthural the pouch to become thickened and fill with pus. Indications for systemic antimicrobials in guttural pouch empyema include protection of the lower airways from contaminated drainage from the pouch, especially during lavage; prevention and treatment of aspiration pneumonia; and treatment of lymph node abscesses.

The guttural pouches are structures that are unique to few species of animals. Guttural Pouch Empyema in Horses Book in.

Radiography is slightly less sensitive than endoscopy in detecting chondroids. The Chamber’s catheter is advanced into the guttural pouch opening that is on the same side in which the endoscope has been passed opposite to the tuttural in which the Chamber’s catheter was passed. The prognosis for horses suffering from this disease is good if treatment is commenced early. Guttural pouch empyema, when diagnosed early and treated appropriately, generally resolves uneventfully.

To maintain sterility, an injection cap can be placed on the end of the needle until the syringe is used. Any contrast medium can be used; however, because of the large volume mla gittural injector is recommended to achieve an adequate bolus.


The efficacy of systemically administered antimicrobials for treating guttural pouch empyema may be decreased huttural poor drug penetration into the guttural pouch and into the interior of the exudate. Their presence can be confirmed endoscopically or radiographically.

Deborah Penteado Martins Dias, email: The jugular and linguofacial veins course ventral and lateral to the pouches and just dorsolateral to the paired sternocephalicus and omohyoideus muscles, which lie ventral to the guttural pouches. However, lesions identified on radiographs are rarely pathognomonic; therefore, further diagnostic tests i. A Chamber’s catheter can be passed blindly and nasally into the nasopharynx and advanced into the guttural pouch by advancing the curved end beneath the flap of the medial lamina of the ipsilateral pouch.

The colostral antibodies ingested during the first 24 hours of life reaches the nasopharyngeal mucosa providing protection SWEENEY et al.

Book me a walkiee? This can confirm the origin of infection and guide any antibiotic therapy. This was successful in one horse, without any adverse complications.

In horses who require surgery it is expected that only a short period of hospitalisation is needed. A fine screen is used without a grid to help minimize exposure time and dose while maximizing detail.