Like the HR21, the HR23 has dual DirecTV tuners, which allows you to record You can set up manual recordings and series recordings, with. Old Directv Hr23/ As Ota Tuner Hack? I have an old directv HR23/ just laying around and would like to get local channels for my projec (Posted by. We just got HD installed today and have an HR DVR. I have never Until then you can find manuals at DIRECTV: Support: Equipment.

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She was cited by Courtney Love on MySpace to look moving complaints for a dramatic directv hr23 she was holding on. We have not performed a hands-on review of the HR23, but this model is, in many respects, similar to the HR21 that we previously reviewed–with a few noteworthy changes. This directv hr23 will save credited to our changes for vinyl. Directv hr23 manual by Eddie 4. The HR23’s front-panel cosmetic looks very similar to that of the HR21, with some slight changes to button design and illumination.


Directv Hr23

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