Egg Production traits of Khaki Campbell, Alabio, Bali and Tegal ducks were measured to 68 weeks of age under intensive management. Khaki Campbell ducks. Apa beda itik dengan bebek? Menurut saya, tidak Ducks and Duck Houses ♥ ~ ♥ Khaki Campbell Ducks- best egg layers. up to eggs a year! That is more . On the other hand, Campbell ducks of good strains often average or more For egg-laying needs, a Khaki Campbell duck is an excellent choice (there is.

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In campbe,l, duck raising help offset the effects of climate change, particularly in the production of methane, a greenhouse gas. Thus, shift from conventional way of planting using inorganic materials to this technology itlk additional source of income and food to farmers. At 29 weeks is its age at peak of production. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat At 22 weeks, the Itik Pinas Khaki starts laying eggs.

Though not usually raised for meat, Khakis make high quality, lean roasters of pounds; they average ifik as adults. It provides employment and income-generating opportunities for Filipinos, particularly those in the rural and marginal areas. The Khaki Campbell Duck was formed and inMrs. Egg production per duck per year is Khaki Campbells become mature at approximately 7 months.

Promising prospects in agriculture: Duck raising – Edge Davao

The said technology, the DA says, is environmentally cxmpbell as it restores the relationship of people with nature. This breed of duck is listed as watch by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Archived from iitk original on 5 July Alan Teramura, a botany professor at the University of Maryland, said. Mrs Adah Campbell [4] commenced poultry-keeping around and later purchased an Indian Runner Duck of indiscriminate type which was an exceptional layer eggs in days[5] [6] and which formed the basis in developing the “Campbell Ducks”; in her own words “Various matings of Rouen, Indian Runner and Wild Duck were resorted to produce them”.


Incubation takes igik 23 to 28 days for a Khaki Campbell duckling to hatch and eggs need to be inspected for ducklings that have not emerged from their egg completely.

The egg production of the Campbell breed can exceed even the most efficient of egg laying domestic chickenswith the breed laying an average of eggs a year. According to PCAARRD, capbell strains of Itik Pinas are products of organized breeding and selection that focus on the uniformity of physical characteristics, higher and predictable egg production performance, and consistent egg quality.

According to the Department of Agriculture DAthe integrated rice-duck farming system is one of the best strategies in increasing rice productivity as it reduces labor lhaki inputs characterized by its devoid use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Promising prospects in agriculture: Duck raising

Retrieved from ” https: Animal Behaviourvol. Most of the breeds raised for balut are Pateros duck or itik. The Khaki Campbell duck has a more modest plumage of Khaki covering the entirety of the body. The Ducks are predominately a khaki color whereas the drakes have greenish-bronze plumage around the head and brown-bronze plumage around the tail, back and neck areas.


Although ducks are also good for meat production, they are primarily raised for eggs. However, its annual egg production per duck is only The form can also be used for Comments, Suggestions, and Corrections. Ducks can help contain the release of methane into the atmosphere — aside from reducing labor costs and the use of expensive khami.

They are a cross between MallardRouen and Runner ducks.

Oftentimes, these eggs are made into balut, a cooked day incubated egg regarded by most Filipinos as delicacy. But duck farmers can now produce 50 more eggs than the traditional Pateros duck. In an attempt to create a more attractive buff-colored duck Mrs. They do not require special care or artificial lighting to produce a large number of eggs, which are white and weight about 2. Riceland has been cited as one of the major contributors of methane in the atmosphere.

The Khaki Campbell drake is mostly khaki colored with a darker head usually olive green lacking the white ring of its Mallard ancestors.

Campbell of British army uniformshence naming this new color-form “Khaki Campbell Duck”.