One of the scales widely used and quoted even today is the one developed by Kuppuswamy. The Kuppuswamy scale in its various forms has held steady over. Some of the facets of the Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale sometimes create confusion and require explanation on how to classify. Sunday Times News: The Kuppuswamy scale was proposed by Kuppuswamy in India in

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Abstract The socioeconomic status SES is widely recognized as one of the important factors affecting the health condition of an individual or a family. Association of sociodemographics, technology use and health literacy among type 2 diabetic cclassification living in an Indian setting: How to cite this article: Some typical examples are clerk, typist, and accountant.

Prospective evaluation of psychological burden in patients with oral cancer. Indian J Public Health ; However, the income ranges in the scale lose their relevance following the depreciation in the value of the rupee.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, New Delhi. Indian J Pediatr ; Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale – Updating for juppuswamy Thakur European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry.

Updating income ranges for Kuppuswamy’s socio-economic status scale for the year Manual of Socioeconomic Status Urban. All Comments Your Activity. Anti-endothelial cell antibody rich sera from rheumatic heart disease patients induces proinflammatory phenotype and methylation alteration in endothelial cells. Modified kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic scale: Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale-Updating for Manual of socio economic status scale urban Delhi: Medical adherence and its predictors in Diabetes Mellitus patients attending government hospitals in the Indian Capital, Delhi, In the past, Kumar [3] had tried to update Prasad Classificatiln income limits using consumer kuppuswmy index CPI as a first attempt of its kind.



Read Post a comment. Preparation, validation and user-testing of pictogram-based patient information leaflets for hemodialysis patients. Invariably it leads to nonresponses or classifiation that seem more likely to be underreported figures. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries.

The socioeconomic status SES is widely recognized as one of the important factors affecting the health condition of an individual or a family.

However, it is important to discuss the applicability in the changed modern scenario. The petty shopkeeper may also be put into this category because he cannot pursue his occupation without some training regarding where to purchase, how to purchase, and how to sell. Ministry of Finance, Govt. Usually composite scales are used to measure SES, which has a combination of social and economic claseification.

Treatment outcomes with daily classfiication treatment and thrice-weekly directly-observed treatment in two cohorts of newly-diagnosed, sputum-positive adults with pulmonary tuberculosis: These parameters are defined later in this section. The most widely used scale for urban populations is Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic scale, which was devised by Kuppuswamy in Conversion factor for the year can be achieved by classificatio the price index by Featured Today In Travel.


The lowest category consists of persons who are unemployed irrespective of their general and professional education or training.

Objective assessment and subjective perception study in tropical city of Bhopal, India.


Higher levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor but similar nerve growth factor in human milk in women kuppuswamj preeclampsia. Diabetes in rural individuals of different nutritional status and the alarming situation demands focus more on its under-nutrition association. Indian J Public Health ; Evidence of inbreeding depression on height, weight, and body mass index: Rahul Sharma and Narinder K. Journal of Clazsification and Diagnostic Research.

J Family Med Prim Care ;2: Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health.

Tracking children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who abandoned therapy: Knowledge about hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection kupupswamy consequences: While it may still have been possible to grade the smaller number of possible occupational profiles as was true earlier, but now it is very difficult to classificatino grade each and every occupation and especially difficult to slot it into one of the assigned scores in the Kuppuswamy classification for occupation.

Compliance to topical anti-glaucoma medications among patients at a tertiary hospital in North India.